Your opinion on our smilies
We could have " frownies " Eek
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Hey, anyone that doesn't like to seem smilies in a post, I just realized that we have a solution for you. You do not have to view smilies as an image, especially those that have a bit of animation. Here's the solution:

  1. Go to your User Control Panel (upper left corner of any page)
  2. Click on the "board preference" tab
  3. Click on "Edit display options" (on left side of page)
  4. Change the "Display smilies as images:" option to "no" and hit "submit" at the bottom of the page.

Big Grin will now show up as: "Big Grin"

Icon_lol will now become: "Icon_lol" so you can still tell what the person is saying, just not have to contend with the smiley image.
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