Assembling Sergent Sharon couplers
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I have now mounted Sergent couplers on all my HOn3 stock!
50 of them built, adjusted, painted and mounted .....
It was not all of the locomotives and wagons that were so very easy to modify.
This was due to the previously assembled Kadee couplers.
On two of the brass locomotives I could not fit a coupler in the front, but the scale coupler that was mounted originally works great! It couples cleanly with the Sergents.
The Kadee shuffle is GONE!
You must be a very patient man. I could feel my pain in the knees crawling on the floor searching for fallen down parts watching the video clip of one coupler.
Watching the video made my brain hurt. The patience of Job comes to mind. And 50 of them? Phew.
It's a good day when you wake up in the morning. It's not your problem if you don't.
I've assembled at least 75 of these couplers and without the assembly jig, they're not as difficult as you think. I'm currently waiting on another 20 or so more. My only tip would be to add some kadee grease-em inside the ball bearing pocket especially if you buy the preassembled couplers.
There is a Sergent coupler Yahoo Group. They are always discussing all the "problems" brought up here plus many others. There's also announcements on new couplers.
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