MWaz Get off your duff challenge
Doc, I’m not sure what your referring to about “magnets” on 3/24. I went back and checked that date and I don’t see anything mentioning that and I don’t recall doing anything with magnets. Am I missing something?

Sorry, mistake.  I was looking at Lutz' (Schraddel's) post of March 24.  In his photo 6th down, it appears as if he's used rare earth magnets as a drive shaft.

Next part of re-doing the pickups was turning up some 00-90 washers, 4 to be exact.

[Image: 76B0300A-F029-4519-A239-B3D210C54476_zps6mrlg44n.jpeg]

Then solder some decoder wire to the washers. I made two with black wire and 2 with red wire. Here is an example of one of the black leads I soldered together.

[Image: 56138F2A-129F-4F16-9010-323CC7A59155_zpsyjds7stz.jpeg]

The I added them to the Keisel trucks.

[Image: 8FFCF7D6-6608-460C-88D3-74509FAE4A0A_zpsmdtl8v6g.jpeg]

Bottom view:

[Image: 8B1E9FEB-6F4D-413A-B5D7-72AFEF840716_zpst1egdjaa.jpeg]

Here are the trucks installed on the base of the tender.

[Image: 241196FC-4823-4571-8868-BCF5E3B3AA62_zpsh2wgqyco.jpeg]

I'm toying with an idea of using a NMRA 8 pin plug and socket for installing the decoder. Will see about that. I've been wanting to try that for a while.
I think today the socket for my DCC plug will be in the mail(maybe tomorrow). Over time, the leads on the TCS decoder I've been using have shortened up, so I sat down to today and removed the short old leads and soldered on new ones. I soldered back on new leads of about 4 inches.

[Image: BC338ED3-42FE-4A1A-83BF-DC523062E187_zpszdldaasn.jpeg]

This is the underside of decoder with new leads solder on.

[Image: A4F6E61A-21D5-45DD-AEFC-1928E4D6DBFC_zpscso93qpn.jpeg]

Once the new leads were on, I tested them on my decoder checker.

[Image: 749D95D6-191B-4C68-8561-E233801B8410_zpsn2t8s4f1.jpeg]

Everything tested OK Thumbsup  .

Found these on eBay and decided to give them a try.

[Image: D663EBC9-F69F-44E1-A5E7-756A4FCB9F40_zpsjkez6wzj.jpeg]

Here's a completed shot of the new plug installed to the wire harness.

[Image: 99B03B0F-299C-43E6-86FC-B084E9EEFF07_zps1yhk9pcp.jpeg]

[Image: 17FB69F9-247A-4435-9A66-299821FA4766_zpsszaz7arr.jpeg]

I wrapped electrical tape around decoder to protect the new solder connections.

Hopefully this will make a cleaner decoder install.

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