Pullman green paint
I have a few Pfaudler milk cars I'm gather information for an upcoming project. I am looking for a good source for the Pullman green paint. I was leaning toward Scalecoat ll paint, but the sample image seems really dark almost Brunswick Green looking. Now it seems brass Pfaulder cars may have been painted with this dark green, though. Further poking around the web lead me to the Microscale Floquil conversion chart which showed Humbrol 86 matte light olive as a match. More of the green color I had in mind, but I have never used their paint before. I also found a source for Floquil Pullman green but leary of purchasing because of not knowing how old it is. Checked out Trucolors too and think that is to dark also and I haven't had much success with their paints when I've used them. Does anyone use the Humbrol paints? Or any other suggestions?


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