Freelance 2017-2
The current part of the layout with scenery consists of a main part in the foreground and a long feeder track in the background connecting four industries. It is connected to the main part by curve close to the window. This rear part looks nice but I hesitate to switch it due to the inconvenience to reach it.
An other topic is my interest in urban areas other than industries.
And the third topic is a possible upcoming reworks of the room with a new layout from scratch.

I intend to handle all three aspects with Freelance 2017-2 by covering the rear part of the layout and build a new city scenery elevated by 1/2".
I loose four industries I do not like to serve due to it's inconvenient location, get space for a new urban scenery on a level base and the modification is reasonable in cost and effort if it is all torn down new year.
I have not made up my mind how to handle the three industries served by the foreground tracks (new, old or modified).

[Image: 34276872213_a9e584bbf3_c.jpg]IMG_5488
[Image: 34276871943_06089179c9_c.jpg]IMG_5487

The current status for reference:
[Image: 35046669956_d10f9787d6_c.jpg]IMG_5488
[Image: 34276306543_fab8d5ac98_c.jpg]IMG_5487
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After lunch ..... need to level the ground and glue the white boards down. The white area is 31cm/12" wide and my playground for the next time.
The two boxcars indicate the location of two industries to be built.
The photo may serve as a track plan too. It is getting that simple now.... I hope it is not to boring.
I ran out of that white board. The very right end is therefor still untouched until the boars arrive.

Six city buildings from City Classics and Lunde are on order.

[Image: 35089602005_1f4072f874_c.jpg]IMG_5489
I found a nice simplification. The white boards are connected with Capton tape to each other and two simple nails hold each of them them in place. They are pretty stable due to their size and their back is flush aligned to the backdrop. I save the mess on gluing them down and keep the freedom to modify the front line later-on when ever suitable.
Got some old Downtown Deco buildings from the basement to play around and test possible positions.
Looks good but I need to be carefully not to be locked into an older area than planned. I want to have the opportunity to cover the time frame from 1980 up to 2010. That requires a mix of buildings other than this one and the old buildings must not be "cute" but in decay.

[Image: 34980081691_ce84def848_c.jpg]IMG_5498
[Image: 34980077021_e79f67ff86_c.jpg]IMG_5496
[Image: 34980074291_23723467e5_c.jpg]IMG_5495
My current planning from left to right (East to West). I am waiting for two more kits from Lunde.
I will start with all currently available Downtown Deco buildings and replace some as I find/build structures more suitable representing the 1980 to 2010 timeframe.

[Image: 34790250390_a3c71c158e_c.jpg]IMG_5507
[Image: 34790250050_f7c59fb22f_c.jpg]IMG_5506
[Image: 34790249610_c7f3edfc74_c.jpg]IMG_5505
[Image: 34790249200_10a7cdc1ef_c.jpg]IMG_5504
[Image: 34790248660_bc129d12ed_c.jpg]IMG_5503
[Image: 35136896606_361277c97f_c.jpg]IMG_5502
The power of gray paint is amazing

[Image: 34370596293_d1be90c729_c.jpg]
[Image: 34370596143_19b27b6a3b_c.jpg]
[Image: 34370595673_71a08a8e13_c.jpg]

The none street parts got covered with thin foam (not glued in place yet. Needs to be reworked for parking space, yards etc.

[Image: 34796187450_bd6c2aea52_c.jpg]
[Image: 34373387673_417f9cb593_c.jpg]

Bad news is the "power" of the gray paint to warp the paper laminated foam board. I have to find a way to get it level again. Not perfect (scenery only, no tracks) but this looks awful. May be nails with large heads covered by the thin foam layer might be a solution.

[Image: 34373387773_1956b715ae_c.jpg]
Sometimes another coat of paint on the back side will fix it.
Sometimes it won't. Also happens with glue for backscenes.
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Brute force ..... two packs of nails and a hammer. All but three nails are covered later-on.
(I got nails for tar paper used on roofs. They are short and have large heads)

[Image: 35193028625_17fc8bf94c_c.jpg]
[Image: 35193028855_7db45389e5_c.jpg]

It looked even worse this morning. The board continued to warp over night as all the water of the paint set. I am glad it is fixed but the surface not anymore perfect level as it was before. We will face hovering buildings again....
Got the basics put (not glued) in place and can start with the details. The fronts leaning at the wall are my job for the next time.

[Image: 35032526782_7d622481ee_c.jpg]
[Image: 35032526382_f71a47b20b_c.jpg]
[Image: 35032526052_8db68e5c34_c.jpg]
[Image: 35032525292_ed56144b6b_c.jpg]
I like the transformation, what will you do with this track crossing the road?
faraway Wrote:[Image: 35136896606_361277c97f_c.jpg]IMG_5502
I think the track will be abandoned (rust on the head) and grass and weed grow over it. The road may be abandoned too or it may become part of the industry as a yard.

My main concern is it to replace the cute Downtown deco buildings, currently acting as placeholders only, with the real thing of US cities in the time frame 1980 - 2010.

This,-...312!8i6656 is a nice example what I am after. There are the old 3 - 5 level buildings scattered around and the gaps are filled with 1 and 2 story commercial buildings.
The building left hand with express deli fits in the old category. The building across the street with the pharmacy is to new for my time frame starting 1980. It has been built after the Bronyx recovered. The 1 and 2 level buildings are mainly building fronts dominated by large advertising signs. Like this strip in Brooklyn,-...312!8i6656
You will find also some blocks in the Bronx without the gaps still made of 4 - 5 story buildings only. That looks really great but it is not so common in the US in general and quite expensive to model. This (Harlem) would be a dream,-...312!8i6656

This might use some DPM kits,-...312!8i6656

The Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn is a very long source of all kind of city buildings. The west end has been greatly improved and I would not recognize it on photos. The other part is a great collection of all kind of buildings and signs to be copied. e.g.,-...312!8i6656

ps. Grabbing the fronts with street view is a tricky thing. Parking cars and trees are ruining most views.
Had a relaxed long evening painting window frames and some other details.

[Image: 35230439055_8b8aec9f77_c.jpg]
So will we see an elevated rail line on your new street? If there's a building you really want pictures of but the street views have objects in the way let me know, I'm a 2 minute drive from Brooklyn and I work in the Bronx.
No rails at all on the new part. It is all pure urban scenery. I did always like this kind of streets i am referring to in my last posting but it toke a long time until I was willing to reserve a remarkable amount of layout space for that dedicated use.
Thanks a lot for the kind offer to do some photos for me. I may came back on that.

ps. The Atlantic Ave has a special history. I loved it to drive it down on my way back to Germany via JFK airport. All my colleagues (and my wife) called me crazy and demanded to take the interstate. They were always scared what will happen in case of a car break down.
But being a city boy did I always feel comfortable (not necessary save ;-) in such areas and kept the view in my memories on my way home. The Atlantic Ave is one of my strong memories of the USA. But that is more than 30 years ago and at least the west end has been greatly improved.

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