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Just for you, here's the plan for the shed
Track is down and I spent a pleasant hour switching the plant then tripping the cars back to the interchange and picking up the cars for the following day.

It's based on Inland Container in Biglerville, Pennsylvania made famous by Jack Hill and his O scale New Castle blog.

Instead of using the two loops to store off-spot cars I've added a small yard

The plant has a switch engine and crew on hire from the the Brownville & Ashland Railway (BRAR) because on busy days it needs to be switched twice a day.

There are two spur at the plant, the upper dock is the covered warehouse spur. In here finished paper rolls are delivered as well as starch. Obviously to make things interesting the starch hopper has to be placed in the middle of the three spots. The plant receives up to 10 boxcars of finished paper per week, which is unloaded almost straight away, while it only needs around 3 cars of starch, but these take 2-3 days to unloaded.
This means the part unloaded hopper has to be pulled out when the boxcar behind it needs swapping.

The lower dock is an open dock which receives raw pulp paper which is unloaded and goes straight into the storage warehouse behind it. At the far end of the spur is a chemical tank car unloading point. There is space for 3 boxcars and one tank car on this spur, again the boxcars are unloaded almost straight away while the tank cars take a few days. It's easier to replace the empty boxcars on this spur because the tank car doesn't need to be moved each time, but being a Hazmat car it brings its own complications.

Just to add to the mix, there is also a spot for loading scrap paper, which is on the hard standing just outside of the upper dock warehouse.

The interchange is all that's left of the old Highland Park layout. Here the switch crew swap cars with the rest of the world. [Image: 4aa095d23cf0763b7683bbd0f98ceec9.jpg]

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The plan shows the upper dock warehouse takes four cars as the scrap loading spot takes two. Both these have been reduced by one car each as it looked too cramped on the layout

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Now this one I DO like!
Great one industry layout. Thumbsup
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