Brooklyn 1st Ave waterfront
Now that I have an idea of how the warehouse fits I started thinking about the fact that Franklin Polymer is on the same track as this building. I modified the warehouse to include Franklin Polymer. If I decide to keep it this way I'll need a replacement customer for the current Franklin Polymer siding.
So my oprtions are
A) leave it the way it was
B) add Franklin Polymer and replace the current siding
C) keep Franklin Polymer where it is but add another car spot for some other industry in the modified warehouse.
[Image: 20180804_161358_zpsxqcdmj0g.jpg]
Great looking progress! I don't have room now but I'd really like to incorporate a car float like yours to my layout someday.
Thanks PEIR, my carfloat foot print is about 8 foot long by 10.5 inches wide with a 22 inch curve and my carfloat has 2 extensions added on. I realize the 8 feet sounds like a lot but you can keep it relatively narrow. I wanted to include a tug boat but didn't want it to be too wide.

From my previous post I went with option A) leaving everything the way it was. I also mocked up structures for Atlantic Waste and for Franklin Polymers. My thought for Atlantic Waste was to make it appear the building and the track inside curve to the left while hiding the railcars in a low relief structure. Once I get a roof on there we'll see how well it fools the eye.
[Image: 20180806_125648_zpsfs2octzu.jpg]
[Image: 20180806_125701_zpscc9ovpx8.jpg]
[Image: 20180806_125735_zpscuu4uaoj.jpg]
A couple small updates..
I have the fascia installed and started adding more blue point switch machines, I have 16 in and 9 more to go. I also started 2 NYNJ engines, just need to paint the trucks and fuel tank on sw1500 and I need to make handrails for the sw1200. I got Monroe models weathering washes so I tried them out on a bulkhead flat and also tried them on a section of track. I painted the ties with a wood colored paint then added the washes. I think it came out pretty good but very time consuming, I'm not sure I can do the entire layout this way. I'll see how the rest of this section turns out.
[Image: 20180825_081219_zps4ydkpkwz.jpg]
[Image: 20180825_081318_zps7fo09iv3.jpg]
[Image: 20180827_193755_zps5duvam2v.jpg]
[Image: 20180827_193738_001_zpsebttoadn.jpg]
Today I focused on mocking up the rest of the background buildings. All of the buildings will replicate actual buildings along 1st avenue but mixed around and not in geographically correct locations on the layout. The building with the tiered facade is supposed to be one of the original bush terminal warehouses. It once had a curved loading dock and track that serviced it but I went for how it looks today. I added a couple abandoned spurs and have one more to install. The 2 peaked buildings with the abandoned spurs (still need to add one more) in real life were added much later and were built in the small alley ways between the warehouses that were once rail served. At least now you can get a better idea of the how things will look along the avenue.
[Image: 20180901_010948_zps8piwrofq.jpg]
[Image: 20180901_011002_zpsmwugchwy.jpg]
[Image: 20180901_011038_zpswkll4mer.jpg]
[Image: 20180901_011057_001_zpsm6p640td.jpg]
[Image: 20180901_011119_zpslra6finv.jpg]
[Image: 20180901_011133_zpsyxbujq2j.jpg]
Excellent work!

“Shut one’s eyes tight or open one’s arms wide, either way, one’s a fool.” Flemeth-the witch of the Wilds.
Thank you Brakie.

This area is supposed to be similar to 41st St & 1st Ave, the actual building at this corner is pretty tall so I took a guess at the height. I really don't like that it blocks so much of the corner and background and I'll probably chop it down to the height of the building next to it on the right. It won't be accurate but the lower height will allow more scenery back there to be seen.
[Image: 20180901_042108_001_zpsuyjavlgg.jpg]
[Image: 20180901_042158_zpskgy8l1qm.jpg]
I choppped down the height of the corner building and like that more of the background and slightly more street running is visible. It's almost starting to look like a busy Brooklyn street.
[Image: 20180902_080648_zps7l6puqcf.jpg]
[Image: 20180902_121308_zpsygzwjkhd.jpg]
Track is finally painted and I'll slowly start weathering it. I have 23 of 26 turnouts hooked up with blue point switch machines. 2 turnouts will have to have some other means of throwing them because they're too close to the edge of the layout for the blue point machine to fit underneath. I was able to get away with it on 2 others but I must have veered off a little crooked. Im going to try to get the float bridge painted next so I can get the last blue point installed for the float bridge turnout.
[Image: 20181003_154120_zpsszzaqvbf.jpg]
[Image: 20181006_171444_zpsyezfgs3x.jpg]
Painted and started weathing the float bridge. I might have rushed a little because the primer doesn't seem to want to stick. Hopefully some clear coat and touch up will fix it.
[Image: 20181008_160720_zpsuwd8jntl.jpg]
[Image: 20181008_160713_zpsr2g4ofgu.jpg]
[Image: 20181008_160731_zps1wh5jyjx.jpg]

Update: clear coat made it way worse. Might strip it down and start over
It looks good in the pics. Looks rusted and bulging at the seams.
Thanks Peir, unfortunately when I sprayed it with clear coat it flaked all the paint off. I also purchased 2 MTH add on subway car sets. They're really nice models, I almost hate to turn them into scrap loads.
[Image: 20181014_162915_zpsd8gl1jsq.jpg]
[Image: 20181014_163300_zpsxg30bgby.jpg]

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