Did it again, 5.00 € Caboose Kitbash
Lutz, this is a superb build, very nice indeed! Smile
Very nicely done sir. Thumbsup Cheers Thumbsup
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thank you.

[Image: dsc03627wjrav.jpg]
Next was chaining it up.

[Image: dsc036283krzu.jpg]
The upper ends of the ladder ends were bed in an app. 30° angle and the excess was cut away.
The upper hanger for the hand brake equipment was bent out of 0,3mm soft brass wire and soldered onto the railing (sorry for the fuzzy photo)

[Image: dsc03629ago2i.jpg]
The brake shaft is 0,3mm bronze wire, the lower hanger and the brake wheel are kit surplus.
The brake hose mounting is by Kadee.
Cheers Lutz

working some further on this project:

[Image: dsc036320rr1o.jpg]
The coupler boxes (Kadee # 262) are glued onto.
The two side bolsters are for de-wiggling the car.

[Image: dsc03633j8ojp.jpg]
The other bolster is centered. This creates the classic 3-point suspension.

[Image: dsc03635c7rzg.jpg]
The trucks were mounted.

[Image: dsc036583hubb.jpg]
The brake plumbing some more straightened. There is a switch visible on the floor.

[Image: dsc036361xo2i.jpg]
And this the caboose looks alike on it's own wheels.

[Image: dsc03657n3udj.jpg]
This is why the switch is there. Here an rechargeable NiMH battery is mounted.

[Image: dsc036597muk7.jpg]
This is the older version with incandescent micro bulbs.
Cheers Lutz
Beautiful work Lutz Thumbsup

Chains between handrail stanchions usually hang down way more than yours do. Attached image D&RGW (?) 0575 that shows the white chain sagging. Looks like this one is "stuffed" at a museum given all the fresh paint everywhere. Don't think real chains were painted as the paint would flake off from the constant shaking.
And many modelers have absolutely straight wires between power/telephone poles. Those always have a sag to them.
PS: Don't forget the brake pipe hose plus the angle cock to right of coupler.
Andy Jackson
Santa Fe Springs CA
ATSF/LAJ Ry Fan & Modeler
Very fine work Lutz;
Loving the detail and care taken with this build.
Andrew Martin
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doing some more work:

[Image: dsc00862ppdu1.jpg]
The good old paintbrush was used to apply the coulors.

[Image: dsc00863dxd7q.jpg]
This time i used clear plastic sheet. This clear styrene plastic sheets is found usually as stiffeners for the collars of men's shirts in sales packagings. Here as useful recycling project for model railroad purposes.
For the window crosses i had new ideas:
- cut small narrow stripes of styrene
- paint this narrow stripe in the coulor they should be
- cut this stripes in suitable pieces
- to create a window cross you need 3 of them
- first stripe going vertical contiously
- second stripe going from middle of the prospective cross horizontal
- third stripe as above
- glue them onto a piece of clear styrene sheet
- all three pieces forming a window cross
- cut the so made sash bar to the desired lenghts with the crosspoint in the middle; cut only the stripes, not the sheet
- the remaining stripes should now have the lenghts to fit into the window opening
- remove the cut off pieces from the sheet
- cut now the sheet a little bit larger than the window opening
- glue it into the opening

[Image: dsc00864keet7.jpg]
When everything is right, the sash window should now have a perfect fit.
Here the chimney supports were made out of a piece of 0.3mm brass wire slung arong the chimney tube.
Also the struts for the cupola were made out of 0.5mm brass wire.
Cheers Lutz

I commented earlier that I thought you work was fantastic. So much so that you've inspired me to do much the same thing for my own (small) caboose fleet.

While they are an Athearn BB set of WP cabeese in UP service after the merger, they match no known prototype I can find.

So, they'll be getting upgrades, very similar to yours including a full brake system to show off the underframes.

Thanks for your inspiring work on this project. I look forward  to sharing my own work once it gets underway  later this year. Larger project ongoing at the moment (see more here).
Andrew Martin
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I think the original Athearn cupola caboose is a Santa Fe prototype. The bay window caboose is an S.P. prototype. I've heard that the modern wide vision caboose was a Rock Island prototype.

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