Freelance 2018-2
I am playing with a possible Freelance 2018-2 on the same bench and track work (sounds familiar to you Wink ) as Freelance 2018-1 but with a "brick scenery" in the 1980s (true blue Conrail !). I am trying to stay with foam board structures but this time wallpapered with "Radical Flat" images. I am also learning what needs to be done with that kind of brick structures to get a 3D imagination.

I use Radical Flats images since a long time. Some time ago were my images from multiple use worn out and I ordered some sets as replacement. That was my luck, shortly after that time Radical Flats discontinued that series. I keep them like a treasure and work with copies only.

The first test front has the windows recessed by 2mm and the vertical pillars are doubled on back card stock.
I scanned and printed a first test with 600 DPI. That resulted in huge files and an awful long print time. This one is scaled down to 150 DPI, is easy to handle, prints fast and looks the same.

[Image: 41320424262_6433d02663_c.jpg]
I have several of the Kingmill Radical Flats series, but don't recall ever seeing that one. The 3-d effects really improve an already good-looking background structure. Thumbsup Thumbsup Applause Applause Applause

I was surprised and disappointed when the series was discontinued.

I switched this afternoon from NS/CSX contemporary to CR 198x by swapping rail and street cars and locomotives. The scenery switch will keep me busy the next time.

[Image: 41663441535_55a235cc8c_c.jpg]

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