Mark and Russ, thank you both for your kind remarks.

I hope to soon have a little more progress to show on the TH&B gondolas, too. 

Here's the TH&B's number 1910....

[Image: 100_7730.jpg]

While it may, or may not have been accurate for these cars (the photos I have show them in the '50s, with even less lettering), I decided to re-letter them using the balance of the Aberdeen Car Shops' decals already on the car, in the above photo.

This scheme is what was used on new 52'6" gondolas ordered in the '60s.  Since I'm unable to find photos of these 10 older cars when they were acquired, secondhand, in 1952, I've decided that my version, representing them in the late '30s, is an experimental lettering scheme, use later on the newly ordered cars...

[Image: 100_7731.jpg]

[Image: 100_7738.jpg]

All four of the modelled TH&B cars have "wood" floors....

[Image: 100_7740.jpg]

...and all are yet to be weathered, inside and out.

This cinder car is a pretty-good physical match for the TH&B's versions of the same cars in their later life, but I opted to letter it for my own EG&E, as the engine terminal on the upper level of the layout will eventually have an ash and cinder hoist....

[Image: 100_7736.jpg]

[Image: 100_7737.jpg]

While the car's original floor is wood, it's better-suited for its role carrying ash and cinders with it plated-over with steel...

[Image: 100_7741.jpg]

Like the TH&B cars, this one needs to be weathered, too.

I'm not sure what's next, but I have 6 U-channel hoppers to be made into TH&B cars, and two more, already as TH&B, which need to be back-dated - mostly the brake gear, but also, but also some revisions to the lettering and grabirons.

(01-12-2019, 07:18 PM)Russ Bellinis Wrote: I spend most of my time on line at the Model Railroad Hobbyist forums, but get back here from time to time.....

Good to see you back, Russ, even if it's just for a visit!

Very nice work.
Thanks Dave.  It's also nice seeing you around here again, too. 

I sometimes wish it were possible to subscribe to all of the threads here, as often paths with old acquaintances don't otherwise cross, but I think that would be rather impractical as far as time management is concerned.

Finally got these TH&B cars into service...

[Image: 100_7742.jpg]

[Image: 100_7743.jpg]

[Image: 100_7744.jpg]

[Image: 100_7751.jpg]

[Image: 100_7747.jpg]

...along with the EG&E cinder car, which is based on a TH&B prototype car...

[Image: 100_7749.jpg]

I have six TH&B hoppers to build next, using Stewart (Bowser) kits, and two similar cars which were done a number of years ago, based on an article in RMC.  While the latter two are quite accurate to their prototypes, they're better suited to a layout set in a post WWII era, or even in the '60s, as these were very long-lived cars.  Built in 1914, some of them saw service into 1970, albeit carrying ballast rather than coal.

Here's a couple views of one of the two cars already converted...

[Image: Freightcarphotosandlayoutviews09-1.jpg]

[Image: Freightcarphotosandlayoutviews0101.jpg]

[Image: 100_7648.jpg]

Both of them need their brake gear to be converted to the KC-type, the so-called split-K, along with the brake wheel on a vertical staff, some changes to the lettering, and a couple of extra handholds on their ends
The six new ones (two r-t-r painted for TH&B - same numbers and too modern, and four in undecorated kit form, will all need their ladders and cast-on grabirons converted to wire grabirons, along with older style brake gear and lettering more appropriate to the era.  Surprisingly, these diminutive cars (about 31' inside length) had a rated capacity of 65 tons.


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