Juneco CNR 250 ton Ice house
I've had this kit for almost ten years and finally have the opportunity to build it for my layout.
[Image: 20181221415_DSCF7769.JPG]

[Image: 201812214134_DSCF7770.JPG]
It's not a large kit, about 4 1/2X 3 1/4" so it's a nice model railroad size. Especially for a home layout.

[Image: 201812214418_DSCF7771.JPG]

[Image: 201812214452_DSCF7772.JPG]
The kit comes with milled walls, strip wood and a bag of castings. It is pretty obvious that it pre-dates any laser cut kits.
I hope you will post more photos of the "journey"
Most definitely. Thanks for following along
I Managed to get some decent headway on the project today.

[Image: 201812222539_DSCF7773.JPG]

I started on the two end walls. Both are milled to size with the roof peaks. However they are a bit short so you have to add the tips of the peaks and then trim accordingly. The one roofline is only milled partway but that's for the gabled roof on the trackside of the structure.

[Image: 2018122225631_DSCF7774.JPG]

I finished off one end wall and almost the other with all the doors.

[Image: 2018122225742_DSCF7774.JPG]
I managed to get all the doors in on the end wall. There's a man door and then three loading doors stacked above each other. the kit gives you white metal hinge castings for the doors. I sprayed them with primer and installed them will be the next step.

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