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A number of years ago I saw this image in an older magazine, and it so inspired me that I knew I had to make all efforts to include something like this on my new layout
[Image: Lowell-Brick-Co-ps800.jpg]

This was my initial efforts to put that scene on my plan.   (full size paper templates)

I am currently having to re-plan this scene due to a number of problems that have popped up.

What I need help with is identifying the major raw materials needed for brick making, and the stowage (tanks) I should try to provide space for as I try to rearrange things??
While there were a couple of brick plants nearby, all I recall seeing was the kilns and lots of piles of bricks on pallets.  Both used local clay, which was on-site, but I'm sure that they must've brought in whatever additives might be needed.  At least one of them was rail-served.

Walthers offers the kilns, I think, and perhaps some related details.

Our local brick plants stored the finished product on site on pallets for fast loading. They also made ceramic blocks which were hollow and used in some building construction. They were about 8 x 16 and had webbing inside for support. They were made from a mix of local clay and shale. The same mix could be made into sewer tile as well as roof tiles.  I have posted some detailed photos here These should be of some help to you. Locally most of the raw materials were mined close to the factory. I know from working briefly in the ceramic industry that some mixes used sodium silicate to hold the raw pieces together until they were fired and we added lard oil to the clays to prevent sticking to the stamping dies and molds. So inbound could be these as well as wood for pallets. Outbound brick went by box car.  The brick company in Darlington, Pa also gave the broken brick to the railroad to use for shoring up the creek banks along the line. They would load them into an old Koppel side dump car and the crew would take them and dump them where needed. 
(01-13-2020, 11:27 AM)doctorwayne Wrote: Walthers offers the kilns, I think, and perhaps some related details.

I already have 4 kilns and their stacks from the old producer 'Mr Plaster'.

I imagine there were 'silos' on site to store coal for the kilns, and sand (silica). I wonder about the 'clay' storage?

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