WARP 10 Car Kits

[Image: dsc02897hmj1c.jpg]
Next were coupler boxes. The upper half of Kadee #242 snap together were centered and glued with CA. This avoids hassle with CA on unwanted areas.

[Image: dsc02898nkknt.jpg]
When the CA is hardenend the bottom lid is simply clipped onto. As we are uncoupling only by hand with wooden shaslik spits, the trip pins were obsolete and therefore removed.

[Image: dsc02903kxj7c.jpg]
Both cars were equipped with 3-point equalisation for better and stable running. No rocking here anymore.

[Image: dsc02899ipkne.jpg]
The trucks were bolted on and for the first time the cars were standing onto track.

[Image: dsc02901zijin.jpg]

Now is the time to control the coupler height and correct it if necessary.
One car was equipped with Atlas trucks and Atlas wheelsets, the other car was equipped with trucks of unknown manufacture (maybe Bowser?) and Kadee wheelsets.


next duty was brake rigging:
[Image: dsc029041njez.jpg]
Fortunately i had saved the step by step instructions written by Ted Culotta: http://steamerafreightcars.com/modeling/...smain.html

[Image: dsc0290522jif.jpg]
Just the same K-Brake parts of Red Caboose were included within the kits.

[Image: dsc02906d0kod.jpg]
The lower bearings for the brake wheel spindle were surplus from Tichy kits. Styrene is not so brittle as this notorious resin. For additional strength it was pinned with an piece of brass wire.

[Image: dsc02907jnkmw.jpg]
Doing the chain link.

[Image: dsc02910j5kb4.jpg]
Mounting some components.

[Image: dsc029113wk9t.jpg]

[Image: dsc02913gojgx.jpg]

[Image: dsc02912ebjmf.jpg]
Finished with underbody brake details.

Nicely-done, Lutz.   Applause Applause  Applause

That's pretty-much the same procedure that I use, also inspired by Mr. Culotta.  

The main difference on mine is that I angle the control rods towards the centresill.  While it's not prototypical, it allows greater rotation of the trucks, which can be a benefit on tight curves. 


...and with the car on the tracks, when viewed from the side, the brake rigging still looks as it should...



o.k. Wayne i see you are going serial.

[Image: dsc02915xuki8.jpg]
More brake stuff. Brackets and platform are also surplus from Tichy kits.
As i forgot to make a passage for the retainer valve plumbing, don't worry and built this part in two pieces. One upon the platform and one below. And if nobody knows ...

[Image: dsc02916b1knd.jpg]
The brake shaft is longer than it will be needed. Cutting is easy.

[Image: dsc02917s7j88.jpg]
There is still this da...d askew grab iron. Curse

[Image: dsc02918xzjk3.jpg]

[Image: dsc02931lgkpn.jpg]
There is always the question of the "right" weight of an car. As i prefer 3-point suspensions, there is no need to overweight the car. A stable ride is guaranteed and rocking fron side to side is eliminated. So those two old nuts will do it for the purpose.

[Image: dsc02968hkkbq.jpg]
At least "Zwangsmaßnahmen" (coumpulsory measures) were taken to fit the roofs. Overnight hardening of course.


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