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(10-04-2020, 07:19 PM)RailCop Wrote: need to drink more beer!

Well Kevin, I wish I could be down in Ohio and Pennsylvania drinking with friends there, but I think that those days are still quite a ways from happening.

I ran out of beer last week, but instead of getting more, I opted for a nice bottle of Bushmills...maybe I'll get some more beer, too, just to see which one runs out first.  
Either one actually helps me to see better, usually at least two images of everything.   Cheers

Thanks, Deano.   It's funny how things from the past pop-up outa the blue sometimes, and other stuff seems to have fallen off the face of the earth.

Well, the desk is mostly done (daughter is painting it, and when done, I'll assemble the components).

This allowed me to get back to the TH&B hoppers (I still need to scratchbuild a TH&B caboose, and a TH&B Consolidation...and maybe some passenger cars, too).

Here's one of the upgraded original cars, ready for some paint, before I can add the final details...


...and a close-up view of one of the brake release handles, a seldom modelled detail (that re-weigh date will be amended, too)...


This is one of the models representing the cars not yet upgraded to AB brakes...


...with a similar handle for the brake release...


The next step will include some partial painting so that rivet decals can be added, and that followed by full painting of the undecorated cars, along with lettering and weathering.

Here's a photo of the parts that will be used when I'm able to get the additional four cars....


...with notations to remind me where to place them. Misngth 

These are great builds. We need to get cross border shipping fees to be made the same as in country. Then you could build more. 
I am glad the desk is done. I hope you will share those pictures too.
Thanks, Charlie.  All of the desk parts have been primed, and I believe that our daughter is planning the next coat for Thursday, as it's expected to be unseasonably warm.  Once the components have two coats of the finish paint on them, I'll assemble the parts.  However, I think that they're going to redo the floor in that room, so that will have to be in place before the desk is installed.
I built another desk for her several years ago, and it's also in that room - it's too heavy to be moved, even by two people, but can be disassembled.  I hope to get pictures of both.

Making the second desk has now got two of our granddaughters interested in having custom made desks, too, but I won't work on those until next spring, as I'll have to work either outside or, if the weather's lousy, in the garage, which is definitely not a good place to build furniture.
When I built our house, all of the kitchen cabinets were built in the basement, in what eventually became my layout room. 
Once I had this latest desk mostly made, I took the parts into the layout room to set them up to see if they went together properly.  They took-up part of this aisle...


...and part of this adjoining aisle... the desk is "L"-shaped, and roughly 6'x7'x2' deep.  It was a tight squeeze to get past it as the first aisle is less than 3'wide, although the second one is close to 4' in width.

(11-17-2020, 06:47 PM)Charlie B Wrote: ...We need to get cross border shipping fees to be made the same as in country. Then you could build more....

Charlie, I was somewhat surprised when in October, I ordered some train stuff, mostly parts, from Tichy.  The parts arrived in 4 days, with only the normal shipping fees to Canada - no duty, no HST (federal & provincial tax) and none of the ridiculous "handling fee" that was formerly charged.  It's my opinion that if the border agents wish to handle my stuff, they oughta pay me for that privilege.

Charlie, I still prefer to pick-up my orders from you, as it gives us good opportunities to get together.  I hope that in the coming year, we will have lots of those get-togethers and that the circumstances now keeping us apart will be resolved by then.

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Always impressed by your details. Like the long shots of your layout too. Worship Worship
Don (ezdays) Day
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Thanks, Don.

The project struggles on, and I finally got the undecorated cars painted, along with the re-worked underframes of the older ones.  No photos, but last night (until about 5:00 AM) I applied some more details (shown below) to all of the 8 cars that I have on hand.
These three-dimensional decals, from Micro Mark, have been cut to fit various places on the ends of the hopper cars (the Kadee coupler is there only to impart a sense of scale)...


Note the ones at the bottom, cut to fit into the cars' poling pockets.

The ones from Archer are a little easier to use, but didn't have the rivet patterns required.  The MicroMark ones don't respond all that well to Solvaset, so I usually do at least two applications of that setting solution, and once those have dried, use a small brush to apply MEK to each decal - the key to not destroying the decal (removing the rivets) is to make a very light and rapid pass with the brush.  Even if there's a little too much MEK on the brush, it's less likely to remove the rivets than if the brush is moved back-and-forth over the decal, even once.

The camera isn't being very kind to these cars (or to their creator), but here's a B-end view of one of the cars upgraded with AB-type brakes...


...and one of the ones with the cars' original split-K brakes...


The four cars not yet on-hand will all be done with the split-K brakes, which are better-suited to my layout's late '30s era.

Very soon (once the paint shop has been warmed-up) all eight of the cars on hand will be heading out there for a clear spray of Testors' Glosscote - the Scalecoat paint seems to be much less durable than I remember it.

I'm hoping that once the cars are decaled and weathered, the sloppy work will be less noticeable, especially once they're on the layout.

Sloppy work Icon_question

Where is sloppy work Cool

I don't see sloppy work  Misngth 


Thanks for the vote of confidence, Lutz.  The Gloss-Coted cars actual do look somewhat better than those in the previous photos, although a couple of them need a little more Glosscote (the Scalecoat Matte Black, used on the lower portion of the pre-decorated cars seemed to diminish the gloss....some of it perhaps absorbed into the matte finish.  I'll redo those cars this evening, when electricity rates are lower.


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