Weekly Photo Fun 10/16 - 10/22/20
WPMA-40 over on Packer Road.


WOW! Icon_e_surprised , looks like it just rained there Bruce, GREAT shot! Applause Applause

My contribution, Veranda Gas Turbine gives Challenger a helping hand...
[Image: IaW81fx.jpg]
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Sorry Bruce, guess I jinxed this thread, no posts to it after me... Nope 

Again, loved your shot! Applause looks like it had just rained, very cool Icon_e_biggrin Applause
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(10-17-2020, 12:23 PM)UP SD40-2 Wrote: Sorry Bruce, guess I jinxed this thread, no posts to it after me... Nope 

See if I can fix that.

Bruce as always I love the Conrail locomotives and I agree it does look wet.

Deano - That is one cool locomotive. UP did have some unique locos.

I am not sure I will have a run by this weekend but I do have this.

[Image: ZQyfuQw.jpg]

These are Bachmann Spectrum Reading SD-45's. The dirty one 7603 is one of the first locos I purchased when I got back into the hobby seriously 20 years ago. As such other than a couple of TYco, AHM, and Life-Like it is the oldest locomotive I have and the definately the oldest active loco. The cleaner one 7602 was purchased a few months ago.
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Nice pair of SD45's Tom! Applause Icon_e_biggrin 

I have a UP SD45 Athearn BB, sadly, it has no railings on it so I doubt it will see the rails on the Rock Valley Sub Icon_cry  I have always wanted an SD45 in WC livery, the WC had a lot of them. 

Here's a pair of DD40AX's leaving Chester headed to the town of Owen...
[Image: dnizf2d.jpg]
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Lots of big power on display this week---here's Leetown Division's CNR U3A Northern #6309

[Image: 49904498248_ae87b5920b_k.jpg]P1400180 (3) by Ed Creechan, on Flickr
Everyone seems to like big power. Here's a pair of helpers climbing the grade with lots of legs on the rails.     
Ed, 6309 is one(of many)of my favorite steamers you have Applause Icon_e_biggrin 

Charlie, TOTALLY love the Centipedes! Applause Applause , the Pennsylvania, like the UP, had many "different" AWESOME engines Worship Icon_e_biggrin 

I ran this doing some switching yesterday, CNW, FM H10-44(i have 7 of these all together in the Milwaukee Road, CNW and the UP)  
[Image: EUSVTNu.jpg]
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The dock at Christophers Corner

[Image: 50505842767_91e19a37a4_k.jpg]P1410793 (2) by Ed Creechan, on Flickr
Very impressive modeling and photography by all.Applause

You don't see  Conrail SD45-2's in South Jersey, but here is a pair pulling a consist of empty grain cars.


Great shot Bruce---love the backdrop.Here's some more big power on the Leetown Division---Grand Trunk Western U1C #6039.

[Image: 50372321441_930fd872e1_k.jpg]P1410550 (2) by Ed Creechan, on Flickr

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