Full Version: Railfanning Norfolk Southern RR Part 2
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I have decided to have the first Railfanning Norfolk Southern RR locked due to it being up to 42 pages. So you guys can keep posting new picture in this thread.
Here is the NS local at the Kiski Junction Railroad yesterday around 12;30pm.

Caught the EMD SD70ACe demonstrator 2012 on northbound NS train 114 this afternoon (2012-01-09) and managed to snag this rather poorly lite shot of it as it passed me at 50mph.[attachment=9817]Guess you folks along the NS north and perhaps east of Kentucky should keep your eyes peeled for this one.
Great pictures guys. Keep them coming and make this thread as popular as the other one.
I seen a picture this morning of locomotive #600. This unit is a GPTEB Slug, 0 horsepower but is Equipped with a cab and can lead consist. It was paired with another locomotive. There are only two GPTEB Slugs on the NS Roster - #600-#601. I am including a link to a picture of #600 at the Juniata Shops: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.nsdash9.com/rosters/600.html">http://www.nsdash9.com/rosters/600.html</a><!-- m -->

It is also Equipped with R/C equipment for use in radio control operations.
[Image: 6656241577_e884900415.jpg]
NS9353SwantonOH1-7-11 by railohio, on Flickr

More photos from January 7 are on flickr.
Here are three from the downtown area of the great metropolis of East Palestine.
West Bound garbage train this afternoon on the Pittsburgh Line near Jeanette,Pennsylvania.

Great catch todd.
CB60 local out of Altoona the other day with GPTEB #600.
[Image: 403955_3233474316193_1246718447_33542245...4078_n.jpg]
SD80MAC #7202 doesn't have the new horsehead logo. Caught the MACS today moving a train out of the siding in cresson. They stopped right in front of my apartment and then headed east.
[Image: 419667_373465572666885_373460979334011_1...9728_n.jpg]
Caught this group of SD70ACE's pulling a slow moving coal drag through lilly this evening. It is nice living next to the tracks again. I am able to walk out onto my porch and take pictures.

SD70ACE #1036
[Image: 405963_378432302170212_373460979334011_1...8273_n.jpg]

SD70ACE #1030
[Image: 422922_378432328836876_373460979334011_1...3459_n.jpg]

SD70ACE #1061
[Image: 402093_378432382170204_373460979334011_1...6449_n.jpg]
East bound mixed freight yesterday around 1;30pm on the Conemaugh Line at West Leechburg,Pa.
Westbound rollin' through Bucyrus with lease unit.

[Image: 003-30.jpg]
LORAM RAILGRINDER at Carney's Crossing Lilly, Pa. I have more photo's but they need to be resized before I can post them. I got pictures of each piece of the railgrinder today.
[Image: 418481_3413197409158_1246718447_33613993...1327_n.jpg]
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