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Here's what I did this morning after we got back home from Wally-World.I started to do this yesterday and ran out of primer.Even with the can of Krylon primer and nickel silver wheelsets this rebuild is still coming in under $20.00 so far (the decoder will double that)

[Image: sd-9-d.jpg]

I still have a few areas that need work but I'm happy with it so far. :mrgreen:
Spent a little more time smoothin' things out and took a new pic.

[Image: sd-9-e.jpg]

Trying to decide what to do with the fans,I have three choices as I see it.

1 replace the 4 molded on 36" fans with ATLAS ,BLMA,or CANNON 36" fans

2 replace the 4 - 36" fans with 3 ATLAS or CANNON 48" fans

3 replace the 4 -36" fans with 2 ATLAS or CANNON 48" fans

I am open to suggestions.
Got the fans replaced today.After comparing different fans today at the LHS I decided to go with the Detail Associates 48" Q-fans.I did give the Cannon fans some serious thought (they are awesome) but some of those bits and pieces looked mighty breakable for my clumsy hands.The DA fans are open and include seperate fans that will be painted light grey or silver and be installed after the loco is painted.

Next up comes some lift rings hand grabs,and some other details.Anyway here is a pic of the installed fan housings.

[Image: sd-9-f.jpg]
Not a whole lot of progress,but at least a little bit.Coupler pockets are started ,I have not decided if I want to body mount the couplers or leave them frame mounted.I need to install some grab irons on the front plus the front and rear sand filler hatches.I am keeping the stock Athearn handrails.This is a low buck (under $100.00 total) project.So far I am doing real good. I have less than $30.00 invested ,still need (want ) DCC and LED lighting.

[Image: sd-9-g.jpg]

[Image: sd-9-h.jpg]

Final colour (s) Krylon (rattlecan) Fusion burgundy and light gray.
Looking good so far Catt! Thumbsup
Currently working on a CNJ 2-8-0c I5 camelback.


[quote="toptrain"]Currently working on a CNJ 2-8-0c I5 camelback.


"a" or really two? Thumbsup

Schraddel Wrote:
toptrain Wrote:Currently working on a CNJ 2-8-0c I5 camelback.


"a" or really two? Thumbsup


Lutz that is a CNJ I-4 in the back. It has to waite till the I-5 is done.
Update pic for GR & I 2012.More to do but I'm gaining.

[Image: dash-23.jpg]
It looks great but I swear I hate the Union Pacfic ! Curse Shoot Icon_lol
Uh Mike, The Grand Rapids and Indiana was actually a Michigan railroad.It had nothing to do with the Utterly Pathetic.In fact it is a fallen flag thanks to the Pennsylvania RR.

The home base for my Grande Valley Railway is the former GR & I - Pennsylvania - Conrail - Norfolk Southern yard here in Grand Rapids.
I know but the paint job reeks of the UP. Icon_lol
Nothing UP about it other than the fact it is yellow.It's not even the same shade of yellow.
toptrain Wrote:Currently working on a CNJ 2-8-0c I5 camelback.




It looks to me that you're using a Bachmann Plus 2-8-0/2-8-2 running gear, is that correct? If so, have you modified it in any way?
Well I would like to show you what my Son ( E-paw) did for me recently. I say recently because he is always there for me. Well recently my CNJ model went to the Saylorsburg PA. roundhouse for a painting and lettering. It came back last week. You tell me how it came out.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/30431536@N03/10159870895/">http://www.flickr.com/photos/30431536@N03/10159870895/</a><!-- m -->
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