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Here's a little cafe that I built about 10 or so years ago. I tried to scratchbuild as much as possible, windows, door and such and did have to use some cast parts such as the pot belly stove, chairs, radio, phone, cash register and others, and it makes an interesting building.
Nicely done! Have you ever had a visitor do a double take when the y first notice the cafe?
It is towards the center of the layout, so it can go unnoticed unless the interior lights are on. I have an additional picture of the inside, but for some reason it will not download.
WoW..!! I can smell the coffee from here...!!!

Good job..!! Thumbsup
Should you ever get the "itch" to put table cloths , plates, and flower vases on your tables - - - - Wink
This circular cover was made from a single ply of tissue. I wetted the tissue, on a table, and used a piece of styrene tube to hold the edges down while it dried. Once dry, I removed the tube, and applied a water/white glue mix to set it, and fix it in place.
You would have to find or build a square/rectangular "box" to do the same thing with your tables.
The flower vases: A small round red bead, with a little green foam.
The plates: I purchased a 9 piece "Leather Punch Set", to cut circular pieces of styrene sheet for SciFi models. ( among other things ) The plates were cut from .005" Styrene ( Evergreen ) with the punch that was closest to 10 scale inches in diameter.
These disks were set on my Cutting Mat. it was just the right softness to allow the making of the center depressions of each plate with an appropriately sized pin punch. Yeah, I did punch the center completely out....until I found the right amount of force with the hammer. :o Wink 357 The punch set I have came from Hobby Lobby, but any place that includes leather working tools should have one.
Nope I haven't tried "silverware" yet, some clear acrylic rod, could be cut to make water glasses. You can just see them on the clear glass table, here.
Man, I thought I was a hoarder but now I will have to save all my punching scrap too. I would never have thought to use them for dinner ware. I am watching genus' at work (and I can't even spell it with spell checker) I learn so much from folks here. Diners are one of my favorite subjects. I hope to do several some day, though the ones that bring many fond memories had great food but no table clothes. Lucky they had plates even. I have to edit this as I was born in the pottery center of the world and every pottery has a dump with plates that didn't make it. Now I could build a pottery with a dump. Misngth
Great posts guys
Charlie B Wrote:Man, I thought I was a hoarder but now I will have to save all my punching scrap too.

Icon_lol Icon_lol I buy a lot of microwavable meals, that come with plastic trays. Those trays hold all the brass,styrene,wood,and whatever else Scraps. When I need a small piece of one of these, I go to the "scrap trays", and usually find what i need.

I don't call it "hoarding"..........rather, it is "Efficient use of modeling materials".....and it is a $$$$$$$ thing, Wood, Styrene "shapes" and "Sheets", Brass rod and sheet, are not cheap !! Eek Wink Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

The round table tops in the cruise ship were punched out of the leftover micro plywood sheet from the Laser cut boathouse kit. Wink Yeah the saved stuff does eventually get used. Cheers
Ok...so I need to do a cafe or a dining car. Both of you have done a gorgeous job of creating fine eating establishments. Unfortunately for me, my prototype didn't have dining cars so I'll probably need to do a restaurant.
Most passenger stations back in the transition era usually had an eatery of some kind close by. Not only for the passengers, but also for the train crews.
Thumbsup Thumbsup Thumbsup
:o I missed an important piece of detail !! :o The trays of cups next to the coffee urn ! Thumbsup Thumbsup Thumbsup 8-)