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it's been a very long time since we have had any kind of challenge, so let’s start a new challenge, one we can all do in one form or another. We have several suggestions to choose from, so here's one that everyone has a chance at. It's called, "The One Square Foot Challenge" It's easy, pick something or part of something that is approximately one square foot in area (that can be 12" x 12", or 6" x 24" or even 1" x 144"), you get the idea. Pick a part of your layout, a diorama, a whopping big structure, or who knows what, and get it finished. Start with a blank canvas or something that's been in process and has been lying around unfinished for a long time or needs a lot of rework and just get to work and get it finished. The idea is to motivate you to get something done and keeping it reasonably small to make it easier to complete.

The Rules:
You can enter any project on your railroad as described above, but you need to tell us at what level the project is at when you start and what the intent of the completed project is.

  1. If you're working on a club's or friends layout, those projects are also acceptable.
  2. Start a thread in this forum, "Your Screen Name, 2020 one foot challenge," (ie: prrfan 2020 one foot challenge) and describe your project in the first post. A start picture would be helpful.
  3. You can open your thread at any time starting now.
  4. Tell us what you intend to do as part of your challenge and let us know what scale you are working in. As usual, provide us with lots of pictures of your progress.
  5. Let us know about the size, it can be somewhat  smaller, or larger than one square foot, but that's the target.
  6. Since this is the first challenge we've had for a while, we'll start by limiting entries to one per member. More than that would cause too much strain and confusion on a normal person anyway.
  7. Because we rarely give away anything of value away, this challenge is open to all registered members of the Big Blue Train Forum, including the staff.
  8. This challenge is all about your project, you can have help, just get things done. You or someone else can take the photos.
The challenge starts on February 15 to give you time to think about what to do, and will run until midnight, (in your time zone), April 30. A poll will open after that date, so that we can pick a winner.

As usual, there are no real prizes, just bragging rights and a certificate from Big Blue.

Please post any questions or comments regarding this challenge here in this thread and we will attempt to resolve any issues here before the challenge starts.
Good luck to you all....
Pressure, pressure, pressure! I don't know if I can take the pressure. After all I took up this hobby to relax Big Grin
(02-08-2020, 07:36 AM)Tyson Rayles Wrote: [ -> ]Pressure, pressure, pressure! I don't know if I can take the pressure. After all I took up this hobby to relax  Big Grin

Yeah, you're right, we had a challenge four years ago, maybe we're pushing things by having another one this soon. Waiting  But hey, some folks thrive under pressure.... Applause Me, it's comme si, comme sa Goldth (We used to have a snoring ZZZZ similie, don't know where it went).
Just an afterthought, but for the few of us that don't work in HO, 144 square inches may be fine for an HO project, but that's equivalent to 36 square inches in N scale and around 2,500 square inches in G. So, the rules do say it can be more or less than one square foot, so use your judgement and scale it accordingly. Regardless of how big or how small your project is, the idea of this challenge is to do something, have fun while you're doing it, and be happy with the results. 2285_ 2285_
6"x6"? Now we are talking real pressure!!!!! Big Grin
(02-13-2020, 06:54 AM)Tyson Rayles Wrote: [ -> ]6"x6"? Now we are talking real pressure!!!!!  Big Grin

Aren't you glad you don't model in G scale? Eek 

I was thinking about starting around 2 square inches and work my way up. Anything smaller and I wouldn't be able to find it.... Icon_lol
6" X 6" in G???  That's about 1 rolling stock truck.   Goldth Goldth Goldth
(02-13-2020, 08:03 PM)ngauger Wrote: [ -> ]6" X 6" in G???  That's about 1 rolling stock truck.   Goldth Goldth  Goldth

Well, that's a lot better than 48" x 48" in N..... Icon_rolleyes
Remember, the challenge starts tomorrow. Early registration is open, so register today to avoid the long lines that are sure to form tomorrow..... Goldth
Don I plan to enter but right now I'm on the road. Should be back home in a few days.
(02-16-2020, 08:04 AM)Tyson Rayles Wrote: [ -> ]Don I plan to enter but right now I'm on the road. Should be back home in a few days.

Looking forward to it. I'm planning too, just want to see a few more folks enter first....
Thanks for putting this together guys!
I have been busy at work and not been doing much mode railroading.
I picked up a kit a few days ago that would work good for this project.
Glad to see you're going to get on board Greg.

I just noticed that I've got this going for six weeks only. Just wondering if that's enough time or should I extend the time frame to the end of April rather than the beginning. Time goes by fast and sometimes we don't have much to spare for our hobbies, so let me know if anyone would like to go the extra four weeks, or even a bit longer..... My vote is to do it, but I don't want to change the rules without some feedback...
I'm good either way.
I think the longer option would probably be better. See if we can get a few more participants.
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