Full Version: 2022 Kitbuild/Kitbash/Scratchbuilt Challenge
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All the entries look great!!!! You can vote for as many as you like Smile Smile
How long is this voting poll going to be open?
Poll ENDS June 21st!!!

Vote early!! Vote for your favs!!!!!
Just a reminder folks, vote now before you forget to and we don't want you to feel bad because you didn't.... Nope
Apparently we have a winner!!!!!!  Goldth

Worship Congrats to ezdays for his restaurant!  Worship
Holy cow, there has to be a mistake, I demand a recount, this can't be true. There has to be a few ballots with hanging chad. Icon_rolleyes A few delayed by the Post Office. Waiting

There are so many talented modelers here on Big Blue, I am honored and humbled in their shadow, thank you all. Everyone here is invited to the grand opening of the restaurant on this coming September 31, with free food and drink for all.  Uh, BYOP (bring your own plates) do to supply chain issues. Icon_e_biggrin