An LV GP38 to D&H, DC to DCC conversion project
Turns out I was mostly right. I think this one's a little later vintage than the GP38, but same basic Athearn design with the central bus bar supplying + voltage to the components and a tie to the frame for the negative. Instead of the plastic lugs at the bottom of the motor pressing into the holes in the frame, this one has 4 screws - same concept though. The coupler pockets are "inverts", the securing screw is applied from the top down into a threaded hole in the metal frame, which means you must be able to pull the body off to change the couplers out (hence the gaps in the front and rear face to drop the frame out. Makes adding a snowplow a bit problematic. I think I'm going to be really careful and make the plow holes quite tight so I can take the plow on and off as needed. The GP38 had a coupler pocket built in which enabled me to shoehorn and wiggle the coupler body into place between the gap above the plow.

Got everything apart today and built similar light boxes for the front and rear LEDs. I'm about out of those and will have to buy some soon (note to self). Added a little more space in the dynamic brake radiator area to put the decoder (another Digitrax DH126D). I also wired up the motor and I'm about to measure for and solder up the light connections. Might not be until tomorrow night that I can put the motor back in and do and checkout after connecting to the wheels.
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