Saskatchewan Railfaning
Throughout this summer I have been taking my camera with me everywhere I went. This thread will be a place for me to share them with other train enthusiasts. I don't claim to be any good and many of my pictures are taken through bug splattered windshields but i think that just gives them character. Please enjoy some of the shots I have taken. I will try and break each batch into a separate post.
The first 2 were taken along the Trans-Canada highway.
[Image: Summer_09%20043.jpg]
[Image: Summer_09%20045.jpg]
Note the text "FREE THE WEST" on the grain car.
[Image: Summer_09%20040.jpg]
Seen on the way home from work.
[Image: Summer_09%20048.jpg]
This string of cars is located along highway 2 in central SK. It is 16km long. Confusedhock: Confusedhock:
I have lots of pics of the cars but they begin to all look the same. Here are just a few of the teaser shots.

[Image: Summer_09%20142.jpg]
[Image: Summer_09%20148.jpg]
The Mosaic Potash Facility at Colonsay, Saskatchewan
[Image: Summer_09%20138.jpg]
[Image: Summer_09%20137.jpg]

The power
[Image: Summer_09%20136.jpg]

I think i saw an add in the latest MR magazine about someone who is releasing these 3 new cars(i have seen the salmon colored ones but no pics):
[Image: Summer_09%20139.jpg]
[Image: Summer_09%20140.jpg]
[Image: Summer_09%20141.jpg]
A weekend golf and camping trip to Lanigan produced the following pictures.

A couple of unique boxcars sitting at the CP siding:
[Image: Summer_09%20171.jpg]
[Image: Summer_09%20172.jpg]

They have the old CP station set up as a museum in town, we took a tour through there. I was disappointed that is was mostly town history and not much rail history. However they do have a CP caboose that was quite modern that we got to tour through.

The station had the original floor plan there. I thought it may be useful to have these dimensions someday.
[Image: Summer_09%20169.jpg]
My wife and I live in the Town of Clavet. We have a CN mainline that runs right by the edge of town.
One thing my wife wants for decorating our firplace room is a picture of the front end of a locomotive going past the sign with the town name on it. So we like to walk down to the tracks and try and get some good pics.

Here are the ones we like best for possibly hanging.

[Image: Clavet_train_landscape.jpg]
[Image: Clavet_train_landscape%202.jpg]
[Image: Summer_09%20181.jpg]

Here are some of the others we have captured down by the tracks.
[Image: Summer_09%20222.jpg]
[Image: Summer_09%20184.jpg]
[Image: Summer_09%20200.jpg]
[Image: Summer_09%20207.jpg]
[Image: Summer_09%20208.jpg]
[Image: Summer_09%20221.jpg]
[Image: Summer_09%20209.jpg]
[Image: Summer_09%20211.jpg]
[Image: Summer_09%20222.jpg]
[Image: Summer_09%20224.jpg]
Great pix -- thanks for posting these!

My young sons & I like railfanning in & around Toronto, especially in the Rouge Valley. Maybe one day I'll have to post some of my pics.


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Some nice pics there!

I remember as a kid on family vacation I got to do some railfanning in SK.... I could see the train coming for 3 days! Tongue Big Grin

But seriously - my dad worked for the CPR in Moose Jaw when he was a teenager - my grandfather was postmaster then, and the post office was located in the station at the time. He had tons of storys about working in the yards and the shops, so when we went out for a family vacation, we wheedled a tour through the roundhouse and the station. I'll have to rummage around and see if I can find the pics from that trip.
Those are sopme great photos! thanks for sharing.
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Some nice shots there. Especially like the "framed" pictures of the locomotive with the Clavet signs, particularly number 2

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Great Pictures. Cheers
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I can smell a steam post ten blocks away, and when I do, clear the tracks because the steam express will be hi ballin through

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