Welcome to The NEW Academy
The Academy was one of those things that survived with The Gauge through all its incarnations, and I think it made us unique among forums. It was a place for the work of our members who not only had talent for the task at hand, but who also understood how to help others understand as well. Over the years there were a few different ways to get work into The Academy - a nomination was the most formal - but the result was a great resource for the membership.

In that spirit, we have created The NEW Academy for Big Blue. Whether it is a detailed "how-to", a well-illustrated step-by-step, or just some outstanding work that should be showcased, The NEW Academy is the place for it.

Please note that it is not possible to post directly in this forum. Threads here will have been moved from somewhere else on your (ie. the members) request or recommendation.

So stay tuned to see what appears! If you have any suggestions, please let me know via PM.

for The NEW Academy

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