Good things come in narrow packages
Well, it is only a year late in starting Icon_lol , but late is better than never I suppose.
My old layout can be found here: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
It was a good sized HO layout with continuous running and the emphasis on scenery, but there was a problem: it took up too much room! Well the family has the family room back but I need my trains Thumbsup so.............

The first idea was to do a 2' X 21' shelf layout (track plans were made and a lot of time spent on searching for locales, structures etc) but I felt that 2' still encroached on the room too much. I really didn't have hope that a 1' deep shelf could be both interesting operationally and scenically satisfying. Any one who knows me understands that I have NO track planning ability whatsoever Thumbsup but I was not in this alone. Kurt (cnw1961) is the track planner and the real vision behind this 1' X 21' HO shelf layout (he'll say I helped...don't believe him! well I guess I did help a little....does saying "Great idea!" pass as helping?) Goldth

[Image: 1SVCX0.jpg]

Left Side    (The track above the coal house leads to a hidden staging area in a closet)
[Image: aqIZej.jpg]

Right Side
[Image: bsXIcx.jpg]

It represents the industrial end of a smallish town set in a rural area.
Transitional era
RR is Northern Pacific (who else?)

The real key, as I see it, is to try and make 1ft seem as deep as possible. I have been researching methods and techniques designed to do just that. It is a challenge but that will also be the great fun in building this layout.
I hope you all find this thread fun as well. Thumbsup
Steve, im very exited to see another layout coming from you Goldth Goldth

I like the trackplan and i think its simple but will also provide lots of fun with switching cars around Thumbsup Thumbsup

Looking forward to some pics Misngth
Josh Mader

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Steve, GREAT PLAN! Thumbsup :mrgreen:

I am SO GLAD to see you have started a NEW layout thread :mrgreen:

I like the industries you chose too Thumbsup , coal hoppers for the coal house, covered hoppers and Grain boxcars for Wollenberg, gons for the scrap yard, BTW, i think scrap yards are GREAT for many details Wink , boxcars and perhaps flat beds for the freight house, NICE mix of cars Thumbsup .

Steve, i cant wait to see this layout come to life :mrgreen: .
[Image: sig2.jpg]-Deano
[Image: up_turb10k_r.gif]
GO steve! It looks like a fun-to-operate layout with realistic trackwork and a pretty neat location, with your scenic talent I'm sure you'll be able to handle the extreme challenges of dealing with shallow scenery. Cheers to what will become an excellent layout! Cheers
Steve Wrote:(he'll say I helped...don't believe him! well I guess I did help a little....does saying "Great idea!" pass as helping?)
Steve, you are way to humble. I better not comment on that statement Goldth Wink .

I know it will be most enjoyabel to see you building your new layout. So I am leaning back, waiting for things to come.
Josh...Thanks! This layout does offer a lot of switching fun Thumbsup. It really packs a lot into a narrow, but relatively long, area....and does so in a very (dare I say it?) protypical way. That alone should tell you I didn't design this!...LOL.

Deano...I apreciate your encouragement in my modeling efforts (and in other things as well Wink ). Your point about all the different types of cars that will be "at home" on this layout is well taken Thumbsup . Besides other benefits, it will allow for more variety in picture taking......variety in my pictures...I've never tried that! Goldth

Miles...Thank you for your faith in my "scenic talent" Thumbsup I hope I am up to the challenge, but however it turns will be fun! (for me at least) Thumbsup

Quote:"I know it will be most enjoyable to see you building your new layout. So I am leaning back, waiting for things to come."
I was kind of know.........that you would do it for me.... Goldth
Hmm...I'm think a few junk table finds would look awesome in that scrapyard. Perhaps some lost engines?

Looks like a fine plan. 21' is a nice length for a shelf layout.
My primary goal is a large Oahu Railway layout in On3
My secondary interests are modeling the Denver, South Park, & Pacific in On3 and NKP in HO
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Wow! 21 feet long! That is going to be one big layout! I can't wait to see what you do with it! I am excited to be able to watch your progress from page one instead of starting in on page 33 :-)
Giddy up. Looking forward to watching this one develop. I love how the track plan gently flows across the full length of the shelf. That should make watching trains move more visually interesting as opposed to just straight lines and right angles. And if your latest structure builds are any indication, you definitely have the skill to make this work Steve. Thumbsup
WoW Steve...!!!! Somehow I missed the start of this thread but glad I found it in its initial stages....It's the best news I've "heard" since. like forever..!!! 2285_
Like most of us here, we'll be looking forward to another great journey...courtesy of you.... Thumbsup
Gus (LC&P).
Hey, thank you everybody! Thumbsup I hope that this layout thread is at least as enjoyable as the first one. The vision of the layout is pretty much set, but I would still like us to bounce ideas off each other when possible. Wink

Goals of this layout:

1. FUN! (that is always my #1 mrring Misngth )

2. BELIEVABILITY (prototypical is the direction I'm heading, but some times, "I just want what I want") :oops: Wink

3. TRY AND MAKE 1FT DEEP SEEM LIKE MUCH MORE. :? (we'll cross that bridge when we come to it)

4. DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS. (I never got around to all the subtle details that really set scenes apart)

5. TRY NEW THINGS! (see #1)

6. CHEAP!!!!!!!!!!! (I am on a small fact you really can't call it a budget, it's more like using the change under the sofa cushions) :oops: Goldth
Keeping this in mind, I will be doing everything I can to keep this whole project as inexpensive as possible....within reason (I won't be making my own ground foam)......LOL! Goldth. I will be using my old turnouts and since this is a narrow shelf, I will be saving loads of $$$ on benchwork! Thumbsup

Speaking of shelf height.............we were speaking about that right?
The research that I have done would seem to suggest that "arm pit" height works great for narrow shelf layouts. I would like to keep it on the high side but if practicality dictates otherwise, I am flexible. Does anyone have any experience or thoughts they would care to share? Remember, it is 1ft deep and ops oriented. Thanks Thumbsup
The only thing I would suggest is you that make sure you have chairs tall enough to be at the layout. We were having an open house on New Year at one of our member's houses and after two hours of running trains (my job was to run trains so that he could talk to everyone) , it was starting to hurt to stand at the layout, fortunately we found a couple of high bar stools and that made it much more enjoyable.
You might want to make it a little lower than arm pit height. When you are operating you're trains on it, you may need to reach over the top of a structure or scenery element in the front to do something with a car or locomotive in back. Having the layout at arm pit height is asking to damage something in front while reaching for something in back. On the other hand, having the layout higher tends to make it look deeper and more realistic, so there is a compromise involved between the best viewing height and the best operational height. You might want to experiment a bit with the height by putting a shelf at different heights and putting a structure in front and a track in back to see what works best for you.
Nice plan Steve , let the games begin. Cheers

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Great White North
This is just a quick non-update.....The weather here has been miserable, with a rain, sleet, snow mix most of the time. I have been waiting for a relatively dry day to go pick up the wood for the layout. This weekend looks to be even worse! Curse

Any way, I didn't want anyone thinking I was "goofing off".........................all right, I have been goofing off, but only because of the weather! Goldth Regardless, I will definitely start this week. Thumbsup

Take care

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