My Hometown---Part 2
Hello Everyone---I often wonder how many Big Blue members are on dial-up and how frustrating it must be when they are trying to access a topic that has multiple pictures so I thought I would start another subject on my hometown,Hamilton Ontario.I'm going to post my most current photos in this thread---here's some shots I've taken over the last few days---hope you enjoy
I was lucky to catch a second C40-8 (2114) on train 331 heading west through Hamilton

[Image: 0252-1.jpg]

[Image: 026a.jpg]

[Image: 0272a.jpg]

[Image: 028a2a.jpg]

Here's a couple of shots at Bayview

[Image: 018a.jpg]

[Image: 005a-1.jpg]

A few more shots taken near Howard Rd.,Aldershot

[Image: 003a-1.jpg]

[Image: 004a.jpg]

[Image: 006a.jpg]

[Image: 002a-1.jpg]
Hello Everyone---here's some shots taken today at Stuart St.,Hamilton.Those early Geeps are almost 50 years older than their younger siblings

[Image: P1060172.jpg]

[Image: P1060155.jpg]

[Image: P1060154.jpg]

[Image: P10601753.jpg]

[Image: P10601762.jpg]
Thank you for sharing these fantastic shots with us. One other thing I have to commend you on is that the size of your photos are more than adequate for viewing and reasonable enough for those on dial-up to be able to see them as well. These shots are all well under 100K apiece, yet I have no problems seeing the details. Thanks again for these pictures, and thanks also for keeping the sizes within reason.
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nice to see some older geeps still roaming around.
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Nice shots! Thumbsup I am also happy to see the older Geeps. Considering the traffic I'm surprised to see so much greenery between the tracks.
Looks like those geeps had there dynamic brakes removed and had some kind of air filter installed. Great find...
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Ed, nice to see you are out and about. Great pictures. I always enjoy seeing them, be they the full size beasts, or the scale versions of steam from days gone by.
Very nice mix of motive power there! Thanks for posting your pictures. Thumbsup
Hello Everyone---thanks for all the encouragement and support.Glad to see many of our members still like those older Geeps---they remind me of all those good looking cougars out there---put on some fresh paint and they look really good---here's 7274 which was built in 1957

[Image: 2009bayview050.jpg]
Hello Everyone---some more shots taken today at Stuart St.

[Image: P1060186.jpg]

[Image: P1060193.jpg]

[Image: P1060195.jpg]

[Image: P1060196.jpg]

[Image: P1060198.jpg]
Very cool. I like the old switcher rusting on the siding.
What a cute scale car!!

There's one just begging to be modeled!

It'd look nice sitting on a siding near the freight scales in a yard!

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Hello Everyone---won't be long before all the leaves are gone and we'll be taking pictures of the white stuff Nope

[Image: P1060148.jpg]

[Image: P1060151.jpg]
Hello Everyone---some shots taken today

[Image: P1060211.jpg]

[Image: P1060210.jpg]

[Image: P1060213.jpg]

[Image: P1060201-1.jpg]

[Image: P1060203.jpg]

[Image: P1060206.jpg]
More beauties there mr. Nutbar!

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