2011 Big Blue Anniversary Car Tour Guidelines
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If you are interested in having either the HO or N scale car visit you, please contact ngauger or ezdays after you have read ALL the guidelines below. The intention of these tours is that we will have these cars travel from member to member, expressly so that you all will have the opportunity to take pictures of the cars on your, your club’s or other layout. We would want you to share these pictures with us. You then would package up the car and send it along to the next person on the list.

Some guidelines to follow:

• Please be responsible – if you are not willing to pay shipping to move the car along, do not ask to be on the tour list

• Participants will be required to mail the car to the next location, using their own funds. (This could be a few dollars, First Class package mail – WITH Delivery Confirmation – No exceptions to this please!!!) We need to know where these cars are at all times including how and when they ship.

• Participants can reuse the packaging if it is in good shape, or repackage the cars so they arrive safely and in good shape at each destination.

• If any of our members to the North of the border are willing to participate, we will make allowances for shipping to and from Canada, since it is a bit more expensive ($8.00 – 9.00 each way). If there are enough Canadians participating, we will have a separate car of that scale making the rounds there.

• If you know of a local train show that you are due to display in, (during the last tour, we had a member run a car on their club layout at a show), please let us know when you will require the car and we will make every effort to have the car there when you need it.

• Having a “Big Blue meet-up?? Are a few members getting together? Let us know, we’ll try to have a car there! Remember – You MUST mail it in a reasonable time! Time is of the essence to give everyone a chance that wants to have the car.

• Reasonable time: If you are requesting a car and you are not having an event, please send the car along within 7 days of receiving it. (This is what the Delivery Confirmation is for aside from hopefully preventing them from being “lost in the mail”)

• If you are having an event, we request you move the car along within 3 days after your event. The intent is to allow you ample time to take pictures and show the cars, but not deprive others to do likewise.

• Delivery confirmation numbers MUST be turned in to ngauger or ezdays the day you ship the car out! – Yes we will keep track when it is received by the next person and “bug them” to move it along if we do not receive their number after they have had it for 7 days, when they are due to ship it. This assures that no one will keep the car for too long a time, since this could be a yearlong tour, we really expect it to be just that. Big Grin

• The 7 day rule seemed to work last time, so we’re not re-inventing the wheel here Smile Smile

If you are willing to accept one or both cars and are willing to move it along per these guidelines; Please, either send one of us a PM to that affect, or you can post here and let us know. DO NOT post your address!!! We will deal with that using the PM system so that no one has to publicize any private information.

You will be contacted by PM for your address so we can start setting up the routes. Once the tour route has been set up, we will post the list of names and the approximate dates they will get the car (or cars). Since these cars will be on separate tours, if you do require them both, we cannot guarantee that they will both arrive at the same place at the same time; but we will try our best to see that you have one or both at the time you requested.
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