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I believe I down-loaded my box sometime about 2002-3, also. How it survived two moves and storage amazes me! But there it is all in one piece. Smile
Dick thanks for the blast from the past, I had forgotten all about those.

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I'll "second" that - Dick, Thanks for posting these. Goldth

Always good to be reminded of these custom layout additions Big Grin
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ezdays Wrote:How we let time slip by us is hard to imagine. And yes, we have had several versions of "The-Gauge" box, we always enjoy seeing pictures of them. Here's Pete's (sumpter250) boxes on my layout when he stopped by our house back in 2003... Wow, now there are some memories, I still can't believe that was nine years ago. Nope
It is hard to believe it has been that long ago.
I was just starting my current HO layout then and it was great to find a place to get some friendly advice and inspiration.

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Ray Marinaccio
Yeah, that was a very nice day we had together. And here we are in my shop behind my layout that was on wheels at that time:

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