Carbon Corner shelf layout
For your approval are some pics of my current HO scale layout in progress. Basic theme is the Reading Company in the Pa. anthracite region. Most of the track is now in place and operational. The simple 3-way sector plate works well, and scenery has been started.
General location.
[Image: cc1c.jpg]

turnout area.[Image: SANY0019.jpg]

Bridge scene
[Image: SANY0023.jpg]

rolling stock testing
[Image: cc3-2.jpg]
Welcome to The Gauge, Mr Bill Thumbsup

Nice choice on picking a railroad and it looks like your off to a good start, I like the little bridge

Model Conrail

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What era are you aiming for? We've got a few other modelers on this site who share a similar prototype, and a few others who have very inspiring small shelf layouts. I like what you have so far. Do you have a track plan or dimensions you could post?
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Ohhh, Nooooooooo! Mr. Bill!
Welcome Welcome Welcome
Welcome to our little group!

And another Reading Company guy! There are a growing number of us.

My Lehigh Susquehanna & Western Railroad is heavily based on the Reading ...
... Oh, O.K., it's basically the Reading, but it's lettered for the LS&W. 8-) Icon_lol

SO come on in, wander around, there's lots to see ... have fun ... and,

Welcome Welcome Welcome

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Modeling the Reading Railroad of the 1950's in HO

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Very nice Mr Bill.

What size is the layout? I especially like the way the shape works for both the layout and the location. Looking forward to following progress.

Hey Everyone, current operating era is 1956. layout measures 1'-7" x 4"-4". The footprint is worked within a 45 degree corner doorway to the right. Got in some work on the stream bed today.

Track plan:
[Image: carboncorner2-1.jpg]
Hi there MrBill More anthracite molders are always Welcome here.
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Fairly productive weekend. Thanks to your encouragement, I got the stream area pretty far along, vacuumed, cleaned the track and loco wheels, and now it's running nice and smooth. Time to clean up the workbench, and pick out some cars for tune ups.
[Image: cl1.jpg]

[Image: sb1.jpg]
The creek bed looks good! What techniques did you use?
Hey, thanks Gary. I start by carving/ripping out the foam to make it look rocky. Balsa retaining walls and larger boulders ( carved from foam ) are hot glued on, then it all gets flat black latex. After that grey acrylic washes. Various gravel and coverings next. Finish is with dusted on chalks.
Thaks for the explanation. It does look good. Thumbsup
A good weekend! Got all the track down, wired, and working. Most of the surface has basic ground covering (tile grout) applied. The next big to do item is spray painting the track.
[Image: L1-1.jpg]
Track is now painted, and most of it is ballasted. Wiring is run neatly underneath, and it operates rather well.
[Image: cc3-3.jpg]
Nice looking setup. Creek bed looks great. Thanks for posting pictures.
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