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Is everybody enjoying the cold and snow? Our storm here in Montana has moved on to the midwest and the East coast. Unfortunately, the temperature didn't go up when the snow left. Its just about zero here tonight. I noticed that Flathead Lake is starting to freeze over again after the thaw of last week. Guess, I'll do some more ballasting on my On30 module. Sure don't want to be outside. Jim K.
Yeah, It' here in the Chicago area......and I'll be happy to pass it on to the East Coast.
Been a while since we've had " that kind of excitement " :o Icon_twisted Icon_twisted 357
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It's rolling over Ohio now... Have fun tomorrow, Pennsylvanians.
I flew over the storm today...the entire system is huge. There was snow on the ground from just west of North Carolina till Arizona.

Stay warm and stay inside my friends...and don't bother shoveling till it's all over and done.

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I'm on the fringes of it here in northern Iowa. Only a couple of inches but the wind is really blowing it around. Definitely a good day to stay inside.

All stay safe.

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FiatFan Wrote:Definitely a good day to stay inside.

Amen. Really glad I got an Xbox 360 this week.
The arctic cold has moved into Southwest Washington and while it's colder for sure, that usually means sunshine for a few days! I'll trade wet and just above freezing at night for sunny and below freezing at night, any day! 2285_

I had been looking forward to a warmer winter in hopes of planting sooner, but the ground was beginning to freeze again so another setback for the garden...

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Well , they missed the forecast here in southeastern Ohio. It was supposed to be snow, but we got freezing rain and now it is rain, still freezing on the ground, but at least the tree limbs are thawing. The radar looks like it will soon be clear here.
It's finally stopped snowing here in KC, but the drifts are really making things unpredictable. It looks like St. Louis really caught it as well..... I-70 is shut down from KC to St.Louis, and I think that's the first time that's ever happened!

Stay warm, Guys.
People come to Arizona this time of the year because of the weather. I guess everything is relative though. We have a frost warning in affect for the next three days and today it's not expected to get over 50. I've lived here a really long time and have never seen it get this cold in the Phoenix area. Regardless of how bad that seems to us though, it's nothing like what other parts of the country are experiencing. No thank you, I'll take what we have right now knowing that next week we should be back up into the 70's while most folks are still digging out from the snow in other places.
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Dodged the bullet this time in St. Paul. It was south of us as it went by. Phew!
Here in DFW area, we got hit with ice, not so much snow. I had about 3/4" of pure ice in Richardson, suburb in northern Dallas county. Wrecks everywhere, not much of a reason to open the scuba shop yesterday or even today. Electricity is being purposely shut off across DFW today as an "emergency precaution" to save power. It got down to 8 degrees last night, it's 12 now and not supposed to get out of the teens maybe even until Friday. Another storm is supposed to be arriving tomorrow night......
Soooo...I'll be working on Classic Miniatures Red Light District row houses for Allan's layout!! Always a bright side!

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Hard to guess with the wind, but I'd say 6-8" of sleet and snow here. The freezing rain stayed south this time.
The winter storm that wasn't. The way they were reporting things up here in TO land you'd think we were going to get buried up to our eyeballs in just 12" of snow. Not even half that fell. Icon_lol

I remember the blizzard of 77 when I was four living in Niagara Falls. Cars and even some homes buried to the rooftops, over 20 people dead. As a child I had no idea what was going on. I just remember walking down the side walk inside a corridor of snow a few days after it all stopped.

Now a repeat storm of that magnitude would be something to be concerned about. :?

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