Loblolly Galleries Wallpaper
These are some photos from my Loblolly Galleries photo website. Some of them are several years old, but there are some newer ones as well. I'll try to post some more from time to time. Below each photo is a link to a larger hi-res image. You can right-click the image to save it. You are more than welcome to them.

These are from the Colorado Railroad Museum at Golden, CO

[Image: 446837295_HusuQ-M-1.jpg]


[Image: 446830101_BUbpr-M-1.jpg]

Its not my job to run the train
toot the whistle or ring the bell
But let the damned thing jump the track
and see who catches Hell!
Great shot, Len. Thanks for posting the F9. It's now on my desktop.

Life is simple - Eat, Drink, Play with trains

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