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wanted to post this in case anyone is interested.I know there are a few steel mill modelers on here and wanted to share this. Yesterday I just picked up the new Morning Book entitled STEEL MILL COLOR GUIDE VOLUME TWO. It was just recently released this month.

The book is one fantastic read. It covers Steel Mills them self as well as other industries associated with the mills, such as mining, shipping and other type facilities. there are numerous photos of locomotives and rolling stock found in the mills too . The photos are all color and are absolutely fantastic and the captions are easy to read and informative. the book contains both old and newer types locomotives and rolling stock as well. i was pleased to see there a lot of the rare type equipment that is seldom seen or even photographed that is found in a mill type setting. Granted it is not a history type book of the mills , it is more of a book that if your just interested in seeing photos of the mills and other equipment used in the industry you will will really enjoy it .

Personally i think if you are a steel mill modeler or just interested in the industry itself or industries associated with it this book is well worth it and you will not be disappointed. as they always do Morning Sun did a great job on this book it's the type of book once you start to read it , its hard to put down.


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