Canadian National H6 class 4-6-0 photos wanted
Howdy, I am working on an HO scale modelling project that involves rebuilding an old Van Hobbies CNR H6 4-6-0. Do anyone out there have any photos of the CNR H6's in service, especially the 1533 / 1325 in commuter service in the Montreal area?
Thanks for your help - David Notarius, London UK (Ex New Hope Pa)
Hi David, and Welcome to Big Blue.

Here's a shot of the 1533 crossing the Maitland River (with Lake Erie in the distance) near Lowbanks, Ontario.
[Image: Steppinout001.jpg]

The loco belongs to my good friend cn nutbar, and is probably from the same lot as your loco. Here's my own H-6, also from the same lot:
[Image: Steppinout032.jpg]

Neither loco is much changed from the original, although I added the built-up coal bunkers to both. Many photos of the H-6 class were featured in some of Ian Wilson's books about CNR branch lines in the 1950's, but none, as far as I know, show any in commuter service.

Incidentally, both of the above photos are by Mister Nutbar, I think. Wink Misngth

Hello David---nice to have another Canadian National steam fan on board Big Blue Cheers I'm sure that between Doctor Wayne and myself,we should be able to help you with some photos of the H-6-G ten-wheelers.As well,if you do a Google search for CNR H-6-G/1533 I'm sure you'll find some other photos.Here's a shot of 1533 on my layout---the locomotive was custom painted and detailed by Doctor Wayne

[Image: P1070756.jpg]
A quick google turned up #1533/1325 at the New Hope & Ivyland RR: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->. Currently unserviceable Sad and no pictures. Here's the satellite view which is not very helpful for your purposes... Wink
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=",-74.955142&spn=0.000406,0.000842&fb=1&gl=ca&cid=0,0,5932876522089155865&sqi=2&t=h&z=20"> ... 2&t=h&z=20</a><!-- m --> diagram of the H-6-d from Canadian National Railways Mechanical Dep't: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> has photos of sister 1322 in 1949:
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

This photo of sister 1530 in 1958 near Palmerston shows white striping on the ladder and walkway (and maybe tires?) which might indicate that she was in commuter/passenger service at one point...??
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

And 1520 in 2002 on display. Again with white stripes and tires:
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

Here's a shot of the engineer's side

[Image: P1070886.jpg]
[Image: P1080141-1.jpg]
Hi everyone & sorry for the late reply;

Thanks for the info / photos of the 1533 , along with the other CNR 4-6-0's. I'd added a photo of the 1533 out of service in Canada, circa 1962, an in service photo on the New Hope & Ivyland pulling a freight train circa 1967, along with a recent photo of the 1533 getting a protective coat of paint. MY HO scale Van Hobbies H6 is currently being stripped down , re motored , and re-wired for DCC/Sound by a friend back in the states. I've also found a couple of sound recording of the 1533 from 1972 which I hope to used in programming the DCC sound chip. I have been recently looking on Ebay for photos & slides of CNR 4-6-0's, and they have been selling for between $50 & $125!!! Someone know something I don't know? ( search for Ebay item 130541747857 as an example) Hope everyone is well – David (CNJ774) London UK, ex New Hope Pa.

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Hello again: Has anyone have a tinplate or scale drawing of the later used handrails on the pilot / smokebox as used on the 1533 (the H style?) ? Thanks - David

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The front handrail treatment is pretty typical of CNR practice, adapted, of course, to the smaller loco. Since you have the model and a number of photos, it should be fairly simple to develop a bending template using .060" sheet styrene or a suitable equivalent.
For most locos that I've done, I simply eyeball the bends and make a prototype "on-the-fly". If I get it right without too much straightening and re-bending, I use it as a pattern to make the second one. Otherwise, I'll use the correctly-bent but lumpy-due-to-re-bending one as a pattern to make two useable ones. Unless you have multiple locos of the same size and type, a template may be overkill - all of the bends are usually in the same plane.

I modified this Proto USRA 0-8-0 to match photos of the real 8414 and had to lengthen the front frame to allow for the full CNR-style front end:
[Image: Newcameratestphotos001.jpg]

This BLI Mikado was modified for a friend. It's a composite of several locos with the features she most wanted, but I think that it captures the "look" of a CNR loco:
[Image: Supplementaryweathering001.jpg]

Another "one-off" (until I build my own) is this modified Athearn USRA 2-8-2, built for my good friend Mister Nutbar:
[Image: Foe-toesfromfirstcd155-1.jpg]

This Akane USRA 2-10-2, also for Mister Nutbar, got the same treatment (along with a few other "tweaks" Wink ), and was built with the aid of prototype photos:
[Image: 4193138-1.jpg]

I liked the style enough to use it on some of my own locos, like this modified Bachmann USRA Light Mountain:
[Image: Foe-toesfromfirstcd358.jpg]

...and all four of my Bachmann Consolidations:
[Image: 10112007_015.jpg]

...along with both of my Moguls, a recently-re-worked IHC model:
[Image: Re-builtMoguls065.jpg]

...and this older Samhongsa ex-B&M B-15:
[Image: Re-builtMoguls067.jpg]

Hello David---here's a couple more shots highlighting Doctor Wayne's creative workmanship

[Image: P1080154.jpg]

[Image: P1080172.jpg]
Hi everyone, Thanks again for all the photos of the 1533 both in HO and one foot to the foot! I have a detail question. Does anyone make a Canadian National triangle number board (is this the correct name?) which can be lighted? If not, has anyone ever made one? I'd added a detail shot of the one on the 1533. Ohio Central 1551 had it's number board removed. Hope everyone is well - Dave Notarius - London UK (ex New Hope, Pa)

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Hello again - Just a few more in service photos of NH&I 1533 photos!

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CNJ774 Wrote:Does anyone make a Canadian National triangle number board (is this the correct name?) which can be lighted? If not, has anyone ever made one?

It looks like Miniatures by Eric (scroll down the page a bit to Part N3) has one, but you could make your own using a block of clear Lucite or Plexiglass.

I can sure tell you this, you did pick a great railroad to model. I see you are from pa and i will say am shocked you are not modeling the pennsy. But hey everyone can model what road they want to. You sure are getting alot of information from two of the best CNR modeler guys on here. Doc's work is amazing on the locomotives he builds and rebuilds. I sure hope you are learning alot from these two as I just did just by reading this thread and I have been here since i think 2004 or something like that before the big move to a new server. O btw sorry for the late welcome Dave, but Welcome to Big Blue Cheers Popcornbeer Welcome Thumbsup
Matthew Miller
Norfolk Southern Cyclopedia
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I can smell a steam post ten blocks away, and when I do, clear the tracks because the steam express will be hi ballin through
Hello Again Everyone, Who said I do not model the PRR (jumping the gun a bit, Mr Livesteamer! Cheers )? Being from the NJ/NYC/PA area, I have a soft spot for the PRR. When I was a kid , I'd used to watch long iron ore pellet drags and general freights on the old Bel-Del. I can still hear the GP30's charging thru Lambertville! I have a brass unpainted PRR E3sa 4-4-2 that is in line for rebuilding (or otherwise when I can afford, with DCC/Sound – new motors), an old Sunset H6sb 2-8-0, plus an old NJ International Long Island G53sa 4-6-0. The PRR locomotives are awaiting rebuilding after I finish the 1533, an CNJ RS1 (60% done) and a CNJ USRA 0-6-0. I am mainly a CNJ fan, and collect CNJ locos, but have a thing for the 1533. She was the first steam locomotive I'd ever had a cab ride in as an 8 year old kid. Later on, when I was in high school, the 1533 also the first locomotive I'd ever had fired (she steamed like a dream compared to some locomotives that I had fired in my lifetime). I was lucky enough to learn to fire an locomotive on the 1533. Hope everyone is doing well – Dave Notarius, London UK (New Hope Pa)

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