Layout (room) tour, with lots of photos...
Most folks who visit the Photography Forum are familiar with my layout (some might say too familiar with ), and I've had several requests for a track plan. Since I finally got a scanner, but am too lazy to make a drawing, the trackplan will have to wait, but I thought that a tour of the layout room might help to put things in perspective.
The crude drawing below (which explains why you haven't seen a trackplan done using "Paint") will help you get your bearings as you scan through the photos.
The grey areas denote the parts of the layout that will eventually be double-decked. The drawing is not to scale, and the room size is approximately 560 sq. ft.


A view from the entrance to the room: Port Maitland is to the right, with stacked staging yards to the left. Freight car storage is in boxes below.


View to the right from the doorway: Port Maitland and GERN Industries in the foreground, with part of the Lowbanks shops in the background. In the extreme background, part of the peninsula with the line to the second level.


A view to the left of the doorway.The single track on the lowest level is the TH&B interchange track for Port Maitland, on the opposite side of the aisle. The other track, leading off the switch in the foreground, allows continuous operation, when desired, on this normally point-to-point railroad. It emerges on the lower level of Dunnville. Above these is a pair of long sidings (with the reefers visible near the post) which represent unmodelled industries in Dunnville. Above all of this is the main south end staging yard for the layout. Five tracks merge into two, then enter the layout through the backdrop in the distance, emerging on the upper level trackage in Dunnville. Yet to be built, above this, is the north end staging for the layout, which will cross the doorway on a single track lift-out, emerging in a city above Port Maitland. Below the layout, on shelves, interchange car storage.


View back to room entrance. To the left, part of Lowbanks in the foreground, with Port Maitland and GERN beyond that. To the right, a bit of Dunnville in the foreground, with staging beyond that.


Another view from the opposite end of the entrance aisle. Part of Dunnville can be seen at right: the structure sliced-off at the edge of the layout is the Evell Casket Co. Beyond that, the staging area, with excess car storage on shelves below.


Looking slightly left and back towards the door, the Lowbanks shop complex is in the centre, with Lowbanks stretching out to the left, on the Chippawa Creek aisle. The aisle on the right leads back to the entrance to the room. The gap in the backdrop is to allow for installation of a compound bracket, which will help support the proposed second level of the layout.


If you turn right at the end of the entry aisle, this is what you'll see: a view into the Chippawa Creek aisle. Lowbanks is to the right, Elfrida, partially visible, is to the left, with Chippawa Creek in the centre. The blank facia in the left foreground is for part of the peninsula with the grade to the second level.


Here's a closer view into the Chippawa Creek aisle. Lowbanks is to the right, Elfrida is to the left, with Chippawa Creek in the centre.


A view from the end of the Chippawa Creek aisle. Lowbanks is on the left, and Elfrida to the right. Dunnville is in the centre background. Above Elfrida, the opening in the backdrop is where the second level of the layout will begin.


Another view from the Chippawa Creek aisle. Dunnville is at centre, with a corner of Lowbanks visible in the left foreground. Beyond that, at the left edge, the staging area. The facia at the right side of the photo is part of the peninsula that allows trackage to gain altitude between South Cayuga and the second level of the layout.


View along the peninsula from near Elfrida. Dunnville is to the left.


Dunnville industrial area looking north, left, with part of the peninsula to the right.


Another view looking north....


A bit farther into the aisle, Dunnville, looking north, with Airline Junction in the centre, and the icehouse just visible at right.


And from the same spot as the previous picture, with the camera swung to the right, Dunnville, with the icehouse in the foreground and Mercury Mills behind it. To the right is more of the peninsula facia: you can just see the mainline to the upper level.


View at the end of the peninsula, at right, with the outskirts of Dunnville at left, and the southern limits of South Cayuga in the centre.


Looking back towards Dunnville, with part of the peninsula facia at left, Airline Junction to the right, and the icehouse visible at the extreme right.


This view was taken from approximately the same place as the previous picture, but with the camera swung around 90 degrees to the left. Viewed from the end of the peninsula, at right, with South Cayuga to the left and the Speed River bridges in the distance.


Looking left, we see part of South Cayuga.


Looking right, more of the peninsula. With the scenic landforms not yet finished in the centre, it's a great place to collect junk.


Again looking left, but a bit farther into the aisle, the view towards end of Speed River aisle, with South Cayuga at left.


And looking right again, another view towards end of Speed River aisle, with the grade on the peninsula heading to the second level at right .


Another view left at end of Speed river aisle: Erie Northshore tracks are in the foreground - this is the east end of their Speed River bridge. Grand Valley tracks are in the background - this is the south end of their Speed River bridge.


And another view right at the end of the Speed River aisle: the lower track, heading west into the tunnel, belongs to the Erie Northshore and is bound for Elfrida. The upper track, belonging to the Grand Valley, is headed northbound towards Park Head and the second level.


South Cayuga, as viewed from the blind end of the Speed River aisle.


Grade to upper level at left, with South Cayuga just visible at right, as viewed from the blind end of the Speed River aisle.


View at Elfrida (lower level) looking east, and above, where the upper level will begin. You can see the end of the subroadbed hanging out over the trees. The gap in the backdrop is to facilitate fastening the second level benchwork to the wall.


View at Elfrida (lower level) looking east, with view of grade to upper level above (looking south). The track, Erie Northshore, entering the tunnel leads uphill to the Speed River bridge.


A birdseye view of the grade from lower level to beginning of upper level - as seen from upper level looking south. Dunnville is to the left, with Mercury Mills in the centre distance.


If you've made it this far, I hope that you've enjoyed this photo expedition into my layout room, and that it makes for a clearer understanding of the layout. Please feel free to ask any questions that come to mind.

For a different view of the layout, check HERE

Worship wow doc what can i say........
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I dont even know what to say, after reading this, i am astonished by the amount of work you put into this incredible layout.

I now understand how the second level connects to the first, and i am anxious to see the second level start taking shape. I LOVE those girder bridges and all the rock work you have done in Speed River Bridges area!!!

Gern Industries looks better then ever and the Low Banks shops is always a awesome place to snap some pictures off at. I only wish i could see this beautiful layout in person Worship Worship

Thank you for the pictures and the explanation of your layout and room Wayne Thumbsup Thumbsup
Josh Mader

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Doc, you just made my otherwise boring day! I LOVE this layout. Thank you is not enough to express my gratitude for showing these photos, it really gets my hamster spinning in my head with ideas for my new layout. Right now its in the planning stages in the 'ol bean so these couldn't have come at a better time.

Thanks again, I really enjoy these views of your railroad.
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Amazing, beautiful. Thanks 2285_
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Col. Jim Marksberry
Thank you to all for the very kind words - it certainly makes it worthwhile to have copied it over from that "other Forum". Wink

Fantastic Doc Thumbsup

The layout has given me ideas hopefully i can use ..... Big Grin
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Love the scenes at Airline Jct. and Speed River. Actually I love the WHOLE layout, but if I had to choose a favorite spot it'd prolly be Airline Jct.

Do you have much in the way of street running in the industrial dist?

Looks GREAT, hope to see some 2nd level progress soon.

Beautiful! I keep going back to look at each of these pics. I really enjoy all the detail in every scene. Definitely one of the layouts that give me the most inspiration.

Thanks for your contributions.

Thanks for the tour Wayne! Lots of great work and lots more to do! Smile I've seen many of the locations on your layout before but don't recall viewing the tunnel at Elfrida. I love the looks of your layout. It inspires me!

Hello everyone---I'm very fortunate to have visited Doctor Wayne on many occasions and to have taken many pictures on his outstanding layout---there are numerous locations to take pictures,but one of my favourites is on the bridge near Lowbanks.Here's a shot of CNR #4193---this locomotive was custom built by Doctor Wayne and is one of my favourite engines

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Excellent! having a whole room dedicated to your layout must be very nice, you did a great job on everything Thumbsup

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Dr. W. Thanks, so much , for migrating this thread !!!Went through again finding stuff I missed ! Wallbang Still learnin' . Bob C.
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Once again, thanks to all for the warm reception to this "warmed-over" thread. With all this encouragement, you're liable to get another re-run, though: I have one of my favourites almost ready to post. Eek Wink

Dave, very little street running - the closest to it, so far, is some "parking-lot running" in Dunnville. I may be able to work some into Mount Forest, which will be the northern terminus of the line, though.
Here's a couple of views, although I'm not entirely pleased with the area:




Wow your layout is humongous , I sure would like to see more detailed pics Cheers

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