Lone Star Models - Great customer service!
I just had to share this, I bought a Lone Star models HO scale flat bed trailer via a shop in the UK through Walthers.

I bought it a while back but have only just opened it, it was factory built not a kit. The trailer had curve in the deck, so not a very flat, flat bed.

I emailed Lone Star, a couple of days later they came back, a quick couple questions to make sure they had the right product and they have already put a new one in the post.

They where not worried about sending it to the UK and from myself replying it was in the post 2 hours later!
How bad a curve was it?
Prototype flatbed trailers are designed with a slight bow. When weight is loaded on, the bow flattens out. This would look OK if you plan on having an empty trailer parked some where, but yeah...would look strange modeled with a load.

Check this out: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.truckpaper.com/ImageService/ServeImage.aspx?img=96692588&listingPub=TRK&nMaxW=565&nMaxH=424">http://www.truckpaper.com/ImageService/ ... &nMaxH=424</a><!-- m -->

I can't complain about Lone Star Models trailers. I do have a couple on my layout. Very detailed, but pricey.
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The curve was far more pronounced than the trailer in the link, but thank you for the link.

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