My Hometown Dresden/Germany
Here a few pictures from a narrow gauge line near to my homecity Dresden where steam engines pull all sheduled passenger trains - a truly touristic attraction.

Gauge is 750 mm close to 2 1/2 foot. The line was destroyed by a heavy flood in August 2002 to 70%, all ten bridges were destroyed, one stone viaduct was to small for all that water. However now 60% of line is ready again for passenger service again and the line is in a better condition as everytime before. Tracks are very well maintenanced and there is a six or seven train shedule in both directions per day.
At last weekend we made a train ride in one direction and walked back - and here are a few photos of this journey.

[Image: schmalspur_01k.jpg]

[Image: schmalspur_02k.jpg]

Engines are all of class 99 - the Germany's narrow gauge class with very different locos.
Here at this "Weisseritztalbahn" (railroad through the valley of creek Weisseritz) are only 2-10-2T engines in use.

[Image: schmalspur_03k.jpg]

[Image: schmalspur_04k.jpg]

An old boxcar, typically for narrow gauge cars of former saxonian state railroad - unfortunately without lettering.

[Image: schmalspur_05k.jpg]

[Image: schmalspur_07k.jpg]

The train on its tour river-down back to home station in Freital.
Passenger cars are more of a modern reconstructed style and do not have a big similarity to the original old time cars, unfortunately.

[Image: schmalspur_10k.jpg]

Station "Malter" built in 1912 in a typical style of former Saxonian state railroad stations - not destroyed in 2002 because the high position over the valley; however restored together with rebuilding of whole line.
Cheers, Bernd

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Beautiful Bernhard---you're very lucky to have such a wonderful attraction so close to home Thumbsup
It just blows my mind how small European equipment is compared to what we run in North America, then you throw narrow guage into the mix and it has great possibilities for modelling on a small layout.
Mike Kieran
Port Able Lines

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