Bullfrog snott
The only problem I have with this product is it has to cure over night before it can be put to the rails, It is a liqud silicon rubber used to make traction tires, it is easy to apply as you do not have to disassemble the locomotive just take a tiny glob with a tooth pick and put into the traction tire groove make sure you get it all around the wheel by powering up just enough to turn the wheels. Strange name but it works great.
Does it insulate the wheel and reduce electrical pick-up?
Ralph Wrote:Does it insulate the wheel and reduce electrical pick-up?

If you get it on the flange it might insulate the wheel, maybe I should have rephrase it as all the way around the tire groove, it is green but cures to a very transparent light green that is not that noticeable. If you get it on the flange you can trim it after it cures. I have yet to try it on a O scale train but worked great on HO club trains and one jar goes a long way. I have known about it a couple years and told a club member who was flustrated with one train that was constantly throwing tires causing derailments about Bullfrog snott, he went to one of the hobby shops and before he could finish the name of the product the owner said oh yes this is what you need. The club member thought it was a joke till the trip to the hobby shop. Big Grin

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