Simple weathering
Some may be interested in my simple method of light weathering

1. Brush paint the black parts with a highly diluted black/brown mix. It is more solid than a wash and should not be used on light colors but powerful black base paint looks old and ruined after that layer of opaque paint. Do it twice on the trucks etc. but only one layer on the hood and cab. We do not want to get a brown paint scheme.
2. Spray a layer of dull coat over the roof and hood top side to even the brush marks from step 1
3. Apply some layers of black wash over the green and other lighter areas. Just enough until the hinges and locks at the side of the hood become better visible.
4. Dry brush the black areas with a medium gray

[Image: file-34.jpg]
[Image: file-35.jpg]
[Image: file-36.jpg]
[Image: file-37.jpg]
[Image: file-38.jpg]
Looks good man.
Simple but effective!
Weathering doesn't have to be too strong most of the time. I like how the wash "killed" the black and made it faded.

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Another engine weathered with the same method. The black wash is spotty and somewhat overdone.
[Image: file-40.jpg]
[Image: file-39.jpg]

and less black wash is the better black wash
[Image: file-42.jpg]
[Image: file-41.jpg]
I don't see the "overdone" part, Reinhard, it looks pretty good to me.
Looks very effective!


Such is life
BN locos were often clean, but definitely not always. Look at this one:
I know that weathering can look different in photos than in real life, but what you've done on the GP9 looks just fine in the photos!
Cheers I was going to say that your loco looks like some I used to see in Northtown Yard.
I did put to much black wash at a time on the engine and did not wipe it away. It created a drop of wash that dried away but left the paint particles as a border. I did not notice it but sealed it with dull coat.
[Image: file-43.jpg]

ps. I tried to use the little camera of my iMac to get instant live photos but the quality is not sufficient for details. I need a little macro camera attached to my iMac with instant live details photos magnified to the screen size.
I'm not sure if that's such an unprototypical thing -- I've seen cabs where the crews have tossed their cookies all over the side! But it seems to me you could go over it with a little more wash or some chalk, and that would tone it down. But keep in mind too that none of us noticed!
Reinhard, what paint did you use? Oil paint works well and level itself, so less risk to have blotched spot on the car body.

When I get a blotch and can't reverse the process, I usually take it as an excuse for a rust spot or a scratch. It's what happened on my RS11 when my roof paint patch didn't blend well.

Proudly modelling Quebec Railway Light & Power Company since 1997.

Hedley-Junction Club Layout:

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The same technique of diluted black/brown paint with a light gray dry brush for the stack and lower parts and a simple black wash for the hoods and cab is applied at the GMD-1. This two generic and simple methods make the engine look used but not rusted or rotten.
[Image: IMG_3622_zps8faa4d2a.jpg]
[Image: IMG_3621_zps55e9b52b.jpg]
[Image: IMG_3620_zps7aa01fb6.jpg]

The completed shells in daylight on the balcony at the next day
[Image: IMG_3623_zps7bac9d00.jpg]
[Image: IMG_3624_zpsc54000ab.jpg]
Four Bachmann B&M RS3 got simple weathered too.

1. Disassemble drive, shell and tank
2. Diluted brown/black over silver trucks and all lower black parts. That layer of opaque paint will not make it "brown" but take all beauties away from the factory black.
3. Black wash all over the engine until the details at the sides of the hoods look right. The shiny paint will tone down and details will become more prominent due to the black shadow.
4. Mask windows and spray dull coat from the rattle cam. Most important for the still shiny shell and the black top of hood and cab.
5. Dry brush with light gray. Details at the fronts and the trucks become emphasized . The amount of dry brush on top of the hood and the roof makes the model really look run down. It is amazing how rotten light gray looks on an black engine shell.
5. Assemble model

This is again a more technical than artistically way of light weathering suitable for us techies without artistic skills.... Wink

[Image: IMG_3750_zpsa4c11159.jpg]
[Image: IMG_3749_zps67f9b35e.jpg]
[Image: IMG_3748_zps9090f724.jpg]
B&M maroon RS-3s got very, very weathered. Eventually the maroon wore off and showed the underlying yellow in patches. Might be an interesting effect to go after, especially on one or two units:


I used to railfan this location, with this power.

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