Weathering old black engine
I am working on model of the extreme run down GP10 of the Maumee & Western. This is what I got so far

[Image: file_zps4baeda2a.jpg]

The prototype looks this way

I see two kind of weathering in parallel
a. The black paint is faded and somehow simply gone at some spots. Those spots are irregular and form a very special pattern over the body. I saw similar pattern on the roof of very old automobiles when the paint was almost gone.
b. Brown rust becomes visible at spots where the black paint is gone.

Do you have a suggestion how to get close to the prototype?
That's going to be a tough one to pull off!

I think I would do the fading first, then 'stipple' on the rust, possibly using powders mixed into a paste to give texture. I've only seen the technique, not tried it myself.

Good luck with the project.


Such is life
I think I would do two things. Once I had it lettered, I would spray it with clear flat varnish and then spray rubbing alcohol on that. This will create the whitish patches. If you get too many, respray with clear flat. The for the rust, I'd go over it with chalk.
Looking at the "proto" picture:
The light areas, around where the black has "faded/flaked" appears to be primer.
I would think that the black paint be "erased" down to the primer, and a dark rust be worked into the "erased areas, leaving just a little rust tinted primer around the edges. Then a lighter rust where needed, and a final dullcoat, once you are satisfied with the results.
in any event, "underdone" is better than "overdone". Icon_twisted have fun. Wink Icon_twisted Big Grin
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Thank you for the suggestions. Anyhow I am extreme cautious after I was close to ruin my two GP7U and try to avoid any further risks.

The GP10 got a light gray primer and a coat of dull black from the rattle can. The black was intentionally only thin applied. The two photos taken at a cloudy afternoon show the my GP10-black vs. an Atlas GP7-black.
I may be on the save side to stay with the black/dark gray as it is and add some dry brush for high lights and some rust spots only.

ps. The tank and the trucks of the GP10 got a real "black" coat. They need to be weathered more seriously.

[Image: file_zps9cf2d666.jpg]
[Image: file_zps97e25598.jpg]
The orange showing through is Illinois Central Gulf orange. And here's a shot of the other end for reference:

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railohio Wrote:The orange showing through is Illinois Central Gulf orange....

It might be even more complicated. Have a look at this enlarged cutout. Do we have in fact a blue engine....?
[Image: maw16blue_zpsdfd9d25e.jpg]

ps. I had to do a small cutout because I have no copyright on the original photo. The original photo shows the entire cab at the engineers side.
That's Illinois Central black. The blue tint is either the light or the digital file.
railohio Wrote:That's Illinois Central black. The blue tint is either the light or the digital file.

I think so but have a look at MAW 12 (the other MAW GP10)... a lot of photos look blue. Anyhow I will stay with black and will not consider any shades of blue for my model.
It's black. I've seen them all in person.
railohio Wrote:It's black. I've seen them all in person.

Thank you. Do you also remember how black or dark gray or rust brown did the engine look from about 50 - 100 yards distance? How much of the details of the worn off black paint have been visible from that distance?

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