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Howdy everyone! If I may introduce myself, my name is James Little. I live South of Houston and am about to start my first serious HO layout. This forum looks to be full of great ideas and inspiration that will hopefully help me along the way. Thumbsup I look forward to learning and seeing what y'all have to offer!
Welcome aboard!! Yup - You're right - there's lots of great information here as well as other members that are willing to answer any questions you may have... Look around and have fun!!!! ...and don't forget to post pics of your progress.... It's been about 40 years since I had an HO layout Smile I'm running "G" now Smile
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Welcome James.

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Welcome aboard, you'll not only find great ideas and help here, but there's lots of friendly folks hanging around as well... Welcome Welcome
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Welcome, James.
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There are usually between 6 and 100 ways to do anything in model railroading. Most modellers can get 2 of them to work.
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In model railroading, there are between six and two hundred ways of performing a given task.
Most modellers can get two of them to work.
Welcome James ! Cheers Welcome Big Grin
I think you will find just about any kind of help here that you need, and a choice of many ways to accomplish the building, and detailing, of your layout. Kits, Kit bashes, Scratch building, scenery, track laying, rolling stock, and information, information, information. Cheers Cheers
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