Just signed up
Hi all, just signed up to this forum tonight.

I'm a newbie to American Railroading, & am in the process of planning/building a small layout, (initial info is on NMRA-gb forum).

As I have only just started, I seem to be collecting quite a bit of stock, or so I thought, until I read a thread on here.
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Welcome on board. This is the best forum there is.
Do you have a name we can use to address you?
Tell us a little more about yourself and your plans, keeping personal information at a minimum of course. Over time we will figure you out anyway, not because we are nosy, but because folks here are like family, with one big exception, we all get along. Goldth
Some of the best modelers are to be found here.
I am Charlie B. I live in Ohio, and I have a medium sized layout that is in a 28 x 40 foot building. many folks have their own thread about their layouts on this forum and I am no exception. I just turned 70, and I have been modeling for 60 years and still consider myself a beginner.
I also do some work with Samoyed Rescue and have 2 of my own.
W hope you enjoy your visits with us.
Welcome Glad you could join us!

Welcome aboard!
Welcome Cheers
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Glad you could join us. Charlie has already asked all the questions I could have thought of.
Now, you have found yourself in the BEST MRR forum around. There is a huge wealth of knowledge and information packed into a warm and encouraging environment. The friendliest people in the hobby are here.
Don't follow me, I'm lost too.


Seems like there are more of you across the pond modeling North American trains then there are of us modeling British and Euro type trains. There are some interesting locos from over there both steam and diesel.

Speaking of British steam trains I have a DVD of an old TV show from BBC called the Flockton Flyer , neat entertaining show.
Hi Keith, (I'm sure it is you :-) )

welcome to Big Blue!
You've come to a great place for (american) model railroading info. Our own NMRA forum is much newer than Big Blue and still needs to grow, I'm sure that it will become a great resource over time, and you've noticed that help is usually readily available.

The same goes for Big Blue, a very friendly atmosphere, people with a varied degree of interests and skills, respect and etiquette, with the added atvantage that the forum is older and therefore has a lot more content, and a larger number of users.

Have fun, I know I do :-)

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Welcome Switcher1, to a most excellent model railroad board. It should become readily apparent that there is help here for almost any railroad subject, and any that are not already discussed? A question, will open doors ! Come on in and be part of the "Big Blue Community" Welcome Cheers
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Thanks for the warm welcome fellas, (yes it's me Koos ), to the rest of you, my name is Keith, I'm an old 'un of 63, have always liked playing trains, but have never actually built a 'model railway', I usually get the track down & just start running things, but this time I will try to do it properly.
I started off trying to get an 0 gauge layout into my space, but it just wasn't working out, so I decided to give H0 a go, but I do tend to collect things that I like.

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