Happy Fifth photo contest rules
Remember, we are still celebrating our fifth anniversary as Big Blue. The last photo contest we had didn’t seem to go over that well, Nope I guess it was a bit too restrictive with not enough time for some to respond. :oops: Well, we have another photo contest for you in celebration of our fifth anniversary that may be a bit easier to participate in. Thumbsup

What we are looking for is a train photo that includes a sign or lettering with the words, “5th anniversary” or “Happy 5th” or some other fifth-anniversary related wording on it. Something like, “Congratulations to Big Blue on your fifth anniversary” or just, “Happy 5th” would work, but not necessarily just like that. Some things that come to mind are, a billboard, a sign on a building or a freight car with the lettering on its side. Even a crop circle on your layout or a picture of a cake with “Happy fifth” and a train on it, would be about as creative as you can get. :ugeek: There is no restriction as to anything else on the photo, as was in the last disastrous contest, Sad and the sign can be anywhere on anything. You can even use our anniversary logo that is at the top of each page here. Just right click on it and select, “copy image” or “save image”.

The Rules:
  1. You can enter any train-related photo that has something regarding to our anniversary celebration in it, be it a sign or lettering on something.
  2. It must be fully visible in the photo and there can by other signs and numbers there as well. (not like the last contest Icon_lol ).
  3. Post your picture or pictures in the thread titled, “Happy fifth photo entries”.
  4. Multiple entries per person will be acceptable; each one will be individually entered in the voting poll.
  5. This thread is reserved for comments or questions, so again, please post your photos in the thread “Happy fifth photo entries”, otherwise we will either move it to there or it won’t be counted in the voting poll.
  6. Remember, as stated above, if you use one of our anniversary logos, it already has a “5th anniversary” in it, so that’s all you’d need, but anything that is original or creative is encouraged.
  7. Oh, and Photoshopping is OK. That is, you are allowed to add a sign is some cleaver way to make a photo look like it was originally there.
  8. The photo can be taken anywhere, on your layout, on another layout or in the full-scale world, just as long as the person entering it is the one that took the pictures, new or old.
  9. The top three vote getting in the voting poll will all receive a special fifth anniversary certificate by email. No biggie, but at least it's something you can hang next to your layout. Thumbsup
  10. Since we are not awarding any prizes, other than certificates to the top winners and bragging rights, this contest is open to everyone including our staff here at Big Blue.
  11. This contest starts right now, and will run until April 1st. A poll will open after that date, so that we can pick a winner.
Good luck to everyone that enters.
Don (ezdays) Day
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Hey folks, we've only got another day before this contest closes and we've only got about four entries. We need more, and this is your chance to step up and post something. It doesn't have to be fancy, just post a railroad picture with something in it that touts our fifth anniversary, that's all, that's easy. Come on, give it a shot..... Don't be shy. :mrgreen:

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