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I have some questions to you. For a future planned module i am in search for an background poster. On this module a rural road is crossing railroad tracks. Left and right of the road a grain elevator and a country store will be placed and some high trees will be planted at the rear of the module. The only gap is the road behind the rr crossing. The set is planned in plain farm land in rural Kansas. As a trial and experiment i took some photos of the countryscape around my town.

[Image: dsc074582oon9.jpg]

[Image: dsc074601cqow.jpg]

[Image: dsc074656vrd7.jpg]

[Image: dsc07470scp5b.jpg]

[Image: dsc07473japvq.jpg]

My question:
Is any of this photos similar enough to represent US midwestern countryscape?

Thank you for answering.

Cheers Lutz
I was about to comment, "where is that, Nebraska?" And then I read your question! So I guess that answers it? Icon_lol
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They are all good location shots. #4, or #5, would be the best for your purposes. They both have the minimum amount of " perspective problems " ( actually, #3 is best for that, but, has those tall flowering plants on the right side that could prove to be distracting ), and have the least amount of "out of scale detail" in the foreground.

Something else that might help increase the "believability" , would be to have your road "crest a small hill" before going "off the scene", keeping the actual end of the road below the sight line, as your angle of view changes left to right.

Just something to play with Wink Wink
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To play with, this photo was taken exact from the position of #5 photo, but zoomed in:

[Image: dsc074748ypp9.jpg]
And sorry here in the near surrounding is no place of "crest a small hill" in open farmland as Sumpter250 mentioned. Of course there are such places, but they are all heavily forested.

This was taken a few years ago:
[Image: dsc04747lojd4.jpg]
Here the landscape 50km east is "rolling" and the situation "crest a small hill" will be more probably.
But on those small agricultural roads (aka "Feldwege") cars are not allowed and i have to travel by tractor to get acess to this roads.

Cheers Lutz
"Midwest" covers a great deal of territory -- I guess it would be a little like me asking if I had a typical scene for Mitteleuropa! However, your post reminded me of some photos I took last year from the window of the Southwest Chief across Illinois. Here is what I think of as far as "Midwest", although your photo would be not far from parts of Ohio or Iowa:


A paved "Feldweg" where cars aren't allowed would be pretty unusual (outside of maybe a park) in the US. Here are some things I would note based on the photo above:

Power-utility poles and lines along the roadside
US pavement markings and highway signs
Road is wider
US vehicles

That is beautiful countryside in Germany. This also looks like Northern Michigan in summer time when you drive back country roads. Very nice photos.

Looks a lot like southern Ontario, too. Wink Misngth


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