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Schraddel, I think you may have mentioned that you were a roundhouse foreman (or roughly equivalent job title) for the German rail system. I'm curious about the piles of "stuff" I'm seeing in the photos I took of German roundhouses, etc (Bws) in 1971. What are they? Coal? Ashes? How did they get there? Thanks!



I'm taking more interest in work on the German section of my layout and am wondering if I can add something like this.
I think that I should give you an answer because I have written a longer time ago that I worked as a roundhouse foreman and engine shop master - 50 years ago.
These piles of "stuff" can be everything, ballast after a repair of the track, ashes because an ash hoist was damaged, and ash could not load on an open car (in Germany for gondola, most equipped with high boards); coal also, however, rather seldom; sand, why also always - simply everything. Often also piles of old and used ties.
Such piles were not regular things, however, one could find them everywhere. And in most cases they lay a longer time.
If you would like to model such a German roundhouse scene, then you can add a coal pile also without each border. However I would prefer a pile of old and used ties, very unregularely stacked from very, very old, weathered and split wood. This should give a very realistic scene.
I hope that this will help.
However, Lutz (Schraddel) you can give each additional answer, please.
Cheers, Bernd

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1 year later (1972) the pile has grown:
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(second photo)

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And still 2009 there was a little pile ...

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2012 a pile ... (second photo)

Seemed there was all times a pile of anything, may it be coal for office heating (bureaucrats like it warm!), cobble stones, mud or soil.

Lutz K
some excursion( rail fan ) traffic through my home town during 2014 ,

weed killer train

Saltburn Rail Tours heading for a weekend away .

above and below - "The Wansbeck" stean hauled top and tailed with K1 class and K4 class "The Great Marquee" .
showing both locos from different vantage points .

the preserved Class 40 through Central station .

the quality may not be the best - stills from the video camera ... Alan

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