Manually operating grade crossing signals
I have a grade crossing that I want to add nj international crossing signals to but the crossing is very close to the edge of the layout. I wanted to use the logic rail crossing pro but the infrared bulbs would have to be mounted on the removable extension which would then need to be able to get unplugged to remove the extension. Is it possible to wire a switch to the logic rail crossing so as the train approaches I can manually turn on the crossing signals then turn them off when the train has passed?
what I take is it needs to be able to be removable with out unscrewing the wires correct? if that's the case why not use alligator clamps to hook the wires together. oh don't forget to lable them if you do this Eek
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I've seen them done manually. There's a circuit that blinks back and forth by flipping a switch. I would imagine that the NJ International signals do the same, just change the interface to activate.
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I actually got the answer I needed, I emailed Logic rail tech and they were very helpful. Hopefully I'll have an operational update in the near future.

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