Greetings from Maryland
Hello, nice to meet you all here.
My name is Mike and I am here to learn and to show off what I have done in various scales of modeling.
My family has been building O scale structures for close to 20 years, we sell mostly on Ebay these days but we used to attend the York show before it got crammed into one or two halls.
I myself build in HO, although I do not have a functioning layout yet, sorta like the shoemaker who has no shoes. My user name is the reporting mark of my railroad, the Lehigh and Great Lakes, and the number of my first decent kit bash locomotive, a 2-6-6-0.
As I said before, I would love to learn more advanced methods of building in various scales. Even though I haven't been as active lately on working on my projects, I do intend to get back to work on them soon. Currently, I am in college for CADD, computer aided drafting and design, and whatever I learn there I hope I can apply to the family business.
I have many HO projects on the go, all of them revolving around motive power, might even be possible I have too many projects on the go.
[Image: lehigh_and_great_lakes_by_gelgoog328-d49e9pd.png]
[Image: 101_0872.jpg]
Welcome aboard. You will find some of the finest modeling on this forum, and the guys and gals will share all of their tricks. Don't be afraid to ask.
I am not one of the fine modelers here, and there are just too many great modelers that check in here to list them all. Check out all the threads and get up to speed.
That is a great logo for your railroad and the locomotive is very well done.
Hi, and a hearty welcome. Thumbsup Lot's of fine stuff going on here and some pretty darn nice people doing it too. Glad you decided to join us.
Welcome Welcome Welcome Welcome
Don (ezdays) Day
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Interesting 2-6-6-0 . Thumbsup Curiosity aroused, what did you start with ?
We always learn far more from our own mistakes, than we will ever learn from another's advice.
The greatest place to live life, is on the sharp leading edge of a learning curve.
Lead me not into temptation.....I can find it myself!
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Thank you all.
I started off with a mantua 2-6-6-2 logger and I used a tyco 2-8-0 boiler. Cal-scale boiler front, and headlight.

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