New Flood lights,and Gas&Electric meters
Came across these today on a 3D printing website that i mentioned before (Safeways)Anyway i seen these HO,N,Z scale modern Flood lights <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... -16x.html?</a><!-- m -->, and HO scale Gas and Electric meters for HO scale houses and buildings.These are produced by a Guy named Dave's Model RR shop.For $12.38 you get 10 Gas meters and 12 Electric meters.

The Flood lites are produced in a skew with 16 total flood lights(not lighted) in 2 different finishes and the store is Incredible miniture scale models and for 16 of these Flood lights is $16.99(that's about a dollar a piece) Smile Although you will need to add a SMD LED light to make them operable,it is a much more valueable alternative than Vissen's model at ($12.00)a piece.

There are other Model railroad items and products on this website,just do a search for "Modell railroad" and wa-la! Misngth

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Don Shriner
Very interesting. These are the details that make a scene ahd you don't even know what it is that makes it seem so real. we leave a lot of detail out but our eye puts it there, these are great additions
Very nice detailed parts.
I am looking forward when 3D-printing becomes a two step process. One guy/company makes and sells the (electronic) drawings somewhere on the world and local "print shops" like copy shops do the actual work in your hometown. That would make the supply of a lot of small parts very easy.
It would be a perfect way to get replacement parts fast and reliable all over the world. Just ask Athearn/Atlas etc. for the file of the broken part and get a printout at your local print shop.
I think it's amazing just how this type of technology has come about.I actually have always wanted to make my own custom parts,although i personally no nothing about 3d models,or Cad or graphic programs,I am glad there are so many that do.I truly believe this is the future of those unatainable parts that most manufacturers won't touch because of lack of profitability or lack of interest by the mainstreem producers of Model railroad products.

There are in my opinion so many products out there that have yet to be produced,expecially for "Modern" Railroaders like myself.Finally a way out of the re-hashed products that have been produced year after year in different forms and styles,yet are the same product Wallbang
Don Shriner

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