Static Grass Applicator For Under A Dollar
While surfing the interweb about static grass applicators, I started looking into a home made version such as the one Doc Wayne showed us in one of his old threads. I saw a pretty good version using the Harbor Freight elec flyswatter, both excellent inexpensive alternatives to the expensive Noch machine...
As I was cleaning up after a scuba birthday party at the dive shop, it hit me...... 35 ....could I use the satic electricity from a party balloon??? You remember..when you were a kid and rubbed the balloon on your head and it would stick to you?

Well, guess what, I think it does ... I just put a really thin layer of glue down, sprinkled some of the Noch grass and lowered the balloon slowly down until the grass started popping up! With a little practice, this might work pretty well for small areas, little tufts maybe a little layer over existing grass....

The pic doesn't do it justice, I'll experiment a little and post a better pic

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Hahaha! That's great! I suspect it gives a less even appearance? Looking forward to more photos.

That's some good thinking.
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Great idea Cheers

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How do you like the length of the noch grass? I bought some woodland scenics static grass flock. I built a my own applicator and it seems to work but the WS grass is so short that you cab hardly tell it's standing up.

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