EMD sw-1
After today's work session we took a stroll down towards bridge 60 to check out the new arrival in Scranton, the ARHS SW-1 that was just donated to us. She was originally an ACL unit built in 1939 that some how made it's way up to north east PA through several different owners. She has escaped the scrapper's torch and is in operating condition save for a few minor things that need attention. She will spend the rest of her days working as a switcher for Steamtown , not as part of the historic collection, but as a working unit doing the job that EMD built her to do.


Here are a few shots that most people don't get to see of the inside of the unit.    

The main cabinet is very simple as these units do not make transition and lack traction motor blowers. It is basically "On - Off" / "Forward - Reverse" with no MU.


 My other car is a locomotive, ARHS restoration crew  
I love the SW1. Do you have former engineers with a valid permit to run an engine or did some of you do the education with the exam? Or can you run an engine on privat property without any formal permit (and have still insurance coverage)?
Well faraway I may be able to answer your question. Steamtown is part of the National park service, fully owned and operated by the federal government. It is staffed mainly by volunteers. My group, The Anthracite Railroads Historical Society, Is one of several groups that are involved here with the operation, maintenance , and restoration of equipment on the parks ground.
The DL&W F-3's , FA-2 , and SW-1 are owned by our group and stored on the park grounds. We have use of the shop facilities for restoration and maintenance of our equipment. Steamtown provides crews ( also volunteers ) to operate the equipment on it's excursions and daily trains. We do have several members of our group that are qualified to run the locomotives and are very happy to lend a hand at the various events that are held during the year. On all of the trips that leave the yard limits and venture out on the main, at least one of the restoration crew members ride the cab as a mechanic, just incase something goes wrong. Check out the next E-mag that Eightyeightfan1 will be putting out soon, I have a whole article done about one of these trips that will be in it..
As for the insurance ,,, I know that we do have coverage on the locomotives and I am sure Steamtown must have some kind of insurance that allows them to run on the main owned by the Delaware Lackawanna. I hope that this helped Big Grin
 My other car is a locomotive, ARHS restoration crew  

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