I'm Baaack
I found you guys! I was with The Gauge back in 2002 - 2003, then you disappeared. Been looking all over for The Gauge family for years. Nice to be back home.
Welcome back!

Heyyyyy, welcome back. Yeah, it takes a while sometime, but here we are, hiding in plain sight. Welcome Different name, same friendly folks. Really glad you found us though, the name change took place a few years ago when we changed servers. For a while, we were "Big Blue at The-Gauge.net", but we still try not to lose that "Gauge" identity while taking on our nickname for our URL as well. Big Grin
Don (ezdays) Day
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Welcome "home" Cheers Cheers
2002 - 2003 Eek Glad to see you survived the "Withdrawal Symptoms" long enough to find us again. Cheers

You got a bit o' catchin' up to do Wink Smile Cheers Icon_lol Icon_lol Icon_lol
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