Welcome To Big Blue!!!
Welcome to our new home!!!!!!

Ezdays and I would like to thank you for coming over and looking in on what we have done. We have been following the farewell posts some of you have been making at Zealot and we thank you for your kind words.

This board is a "New labor of Love" for the hobby and the members.. and of course, all of the volunteers.

When Peter sold Zealot to Crowdgather, we expected changes to be made, however we never expected "all the changes" that were made and we truly have no idea what they could be planning in the future. As volunteers, we could choose to leave if we wanted to, --- we wanted to!!!

Obviously, by now, you realize that our farewell posts are standard "goodbyes", we can not post anything about this board, on their board - which is why we could not answer your questions about "Why". It's not right to do that in any circumstances.

For those of you that have been long time gauge members - you will remember "Big Blue", the way it was 3 or 4 years ago... We tried to re-create it here.

Yes it was called The Gauge, but Crowdgather purchased that too... Don & I bought the domain name, but we prefer to be known as Big Blue for both convenience and nostalgic reasons.

Thanks for stopping in.
~~ Mikey KB3VBR (Admin)
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~~ I wonder what that would look like in 1:20.3???

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